Rewriting Lust #16: Chapter 7 Completed

Today is August 8th, 2018 and I hope you are all doing TERRIFIC today! For those of you new to my blog, this particular series is my blog on rewriting my novel Lust, from scratch.  I talk about my goals and feelings at I push towards a completion date of Decemeber 21, 2018.  Here we... Continue Reading →


Rewriting Lust #9: Chapter 4 and…

Well I completed chapter 4 of Lust. Total word count is 1800 words. My new word count per chapter is 1750 which should land me in the 70,000 word minimum for mystery novels. However, I'm suppose to be writing 2,334 words and I have only hit 2,000.  Technically speaking I should of had Chapters 5... Continue Reading →

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