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Added Scene 3 of Favor of Athena: Lust

Page 5 and 6 of volume 1. I’m introducing Paige and Logan. Paige is roommates with the victim, Hina, and feels guilty. Find out more by subscribing for $3.

Weekly Newsletter 24

Three Parts of a Screenplay

Reel: Favor of Athena 1 Progress March 18, 2021

Weekly Newsletter #23

General  I will be changing “episodes” to “scenes” when referring to two pages. Favor of Athena is still 100% funded for monthly  Angel Protocols is currently 5% funded for monthly Patreon I’m still developing a screenwriting course. First month course in April will be… Continue Reading “Weekly Newsletter #23”

Tonight Goals: Mar 15, 2021

Physical: 730-800 run 1 mile Spiritual: 730-800 listen to the bible Mental: practice editing (Favor of Athena), writing (Angel Protocols), and reading (Tokyo Ghoul) Character Design sketches: Angel Protocols Purpose: Series artist would like character sheets. Chance to practice/sharpen drawing skills. Steps: Use design… Continue Reading “Tonight Goals: Mar 15, 2021”

A Different World Season 5 Episode 24 Scene (Reverse Engineering Exercise)

I remember watching A Different World growing up. I always loved Freddie Brooks and most of the episodes have stuck with me. Especially Whitley’s wedding being crashed by Dwayne. However, I don’t recall seeing the episode before the crashing. Inquisitive, I decided to look… Continue Reading “A Different World Season 5 Episode 24 Scene (Reverse Engineering Exercise)”

My Nerdy Life: Building my Brand

I can’t believe it’s March. I’m excited because next month I will release the first two pages of my second graphic novel project, Angel Protocols. I’m also OFFICIALLlY going to blog in an effort to make this a job and career. I know, it’s… Continue Reading “My Nerdy Life: Building my Brand”

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