Favor of Athena

Creator/Writer: Terrio Jenkins. Artist: Alejandro Samada. Letterer: Nikki Powers

Favor of Athena, Volume 1: Lust

Writer: Terrio Jenkins Art: Alejandro Samada Lettering: Nikki Powers

Favor of Athena is my graphic novel series. Athena and her team of psychic detectives solve and police paranormal activities. Their powers are tied to one of the seven deadly sins manifested as a psychological disorder.

I’m publishing two comic pages monthly until we have the 60-page story. The first case revolves around catching The Captured Family Rapist. This serial killer targets families and their latest victim’s friends feel responsible. Athena is also trying to redeem herself, after breaking a sacred vow years ago.

I will release the story as three 20-story page issues. Then I will collect them as a graphic novel entitled Lust. As a subscriber, you will see the process of making a comic unfold before being released to the public. Each subscription tier has unique rewards for your support. This includes behind-the-scenes content, merchandise, and assistant producer credit.

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