Rewriting Lust #13: The Crime and Victim’s Secret

  Hope you are all doing Terrific! Lets get into it shall we? Word Count: Yeah, buddy, you thought I was going to take another day off since I'm really far ahead of my weekly word count? I didn't. I wrote 500 words today and guess what? I did a whole chapter. Now for those... Continue Reading →


Rewriting Lust#12: Characters

Hope you are all doing Terrific today. So, this post was suppose to be published on the 4th, but I was so out of it yesterday.  I did work on writing the premises of the other book series that will take place in the "Favor of Ares" universe. I will be writing this as if... Continue Reading →

Rewriting Lust #10

Wow, This is the longest I've been dedicated to the project, even with outside distractions. I just want to start out by saying thank you for reading and taking this journey with me.  Now on to what I accomplish today. Format: Alright, I was trying to complete this book in 30 days. With a word... Continue Reading →

Avatar Update

Yeah, I've been really busy with Favor of Ares and put my adaptation on the back burner. Last night I worked on the characters and plot. I just need to redo the outline. Once I have all that figure out I will start writing and drawing the Return of the Avatar. I didn't' realize that... Continue Reading →

Lust: Chapter 4 Excerpt

Chapter 4: Aakash   “We should be going too, Chris.” Tavi said standing up and stretching. He was more reserved than Chris. I didn’t have a problem with him. Other than him being a friends with Chris. “Yeah, I’m tired of beating up on these guys. I don’t want to leave Danielle waiting.” “Danielle, the... Continue Reading →

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