Chapter 4: Aakash

Chris is jerk, even more so while playing video games. It didn’t matter what game we played. He sat next to me on my right side in his costume. He was dressed in a long black trench coat. The leather pants were tight and black. His eyes were hidden behind his sunglasses. He reminded me of Neo from the Matrix, which I’m sure he going for. Very fitting because he thinks he is number one.

Of course he was even worse when he was winning. No, nothing ever changed about him. He had to show off his superiority and feel important. The only person giving him the respect he wanted was his friend Tavi. I didn’t give him the satisfaction of his victory. I found it better to ignore him and make him mad. He was arrogant, nothing would ever change that.

We sat in our living room of the dorm. Jonathan sat to my left because he couldn’t stand Chris at all.

“Looks like I win again.” Chris said. He looked at Jonathan and I with that cocky grin. He lifted the sunglasses to show that his eyes matched his expression.

“Looks that way.” I didn’t raise my voice or show disappointment. Even the legends lost once in awhile.

“Damn, you’re not going to give me any props? I smashed the three of you, twice!” he stressed the last word.

I looked at him for a moment. His eyes were wide and screaming in excitement. Chris was jealous of me. I could tell by how he talks to me. He wanted to be me. No. He wanted to prove he was better. At work, in school, and at video games. He wasn’t. He may have won at this game, but he would never beat me in life.

“What do you want from him, a blowjob?” Jonathan said.

Chris laughed, a booming and deep sound. “Oh, sounds like one of you is mad.”

“Not mad, pissed off.” Jonathan tried to stand, but I motioned him to sit down.

“Admit it, I’m better than you guys at everything,”

“Chris, this is your first time winning multiple games against me, ever. We’ll see how things go next time.”

I looked at my phone and saw it was time for us to meet up with Crystal and David. “Jonathan, you’re ready?”

“Yeah, lets go.” Jonathan was shorter than me by a couple of inches. Despite his skinny frame, especially compared to my portly one, he wasn’t afraid of anyone. Threaten anyone he is loyal to and risk getting hit. That’s why we work, I know I can be controlling, and he was more than willing to be a follower. A loyal, impatient follower. Unlike Chris, I don’t let the respect of others go to my head. At least I tried not to.

“We should be going to Chris.” Tavi said standing up and stretching. He was more reserved than Chris. I didn’t have a problem with him. Other than him being a friends with Chris.

“Yeah, I’m tired of beating up on these guys. I don’t want to leave Danielle waiting.”

“Danielle, the blonde girl” Jonathan asked.

“Yeah, did you know she was an Eagles cheerleader?” Chris still had that grin on his face. Shouldn’t it be hurting?

“I did. She told me earlier this year.” I said. We were all standing now. Chris and Tavi walked around the table to the door by Jonathan.

“Wait. You’ve been talking to her for that long?” His grin was gone and a puzzled look appeared on his face.

“Yeah, I talk to her a lot.” I heard Jonathan laughing beneath his breath to my response. We both knew Chris liked Danielle. When he wasn’t talking about himself, he was talking about her. For a brief moment he seem to be glowing, A purple light, a faint purple light, appeared, but was gone just that quick. Vertigo, maybe? Or was I dehydrated and seeing mirages? Whatever the case my eyes were playing tricks.

“Well, she’s going to be at the party. She’s waiting on me.” his smile returned. He was making this a game. Who can talk to one of the prettiest girls on campus.

“Oh, well you shouldn’t keep her waiting.”

The purple glow return and Chris noticed me looking. “You got a problem?”

“With you, never.” I said. I was holding the door.

“You are so, arrogant.” he said finally stepping outside the door. Tavi followed.

“That’s the pot calling the kettle black.” Jonathan chimed in again. I noticed he was glowing too. A very faint red, almost pinkish hue. Tavi was glowing cyan. Did they see it themselves? If so, they weren’t acting like it. Once again the glows faded.

“I’m not arrogant, you know what they say. It’s not arrogance if you can back it up. I’m better than you two. I’m smarter, I’m taller, hell I’m bigger than both of you. It’s only a matter of time before Bob places me in your position at work. You can’t stand the fact that I’m a freshman and you’re going to be replaced.

He wasn’t wrong, I guess. I didn’t want to lose my job. But I know they love me at work. I literally can do no wrong. I don’t even have to try to make them like me. My work spoke for itself. Computers came easy to me and the job was easy. I only did it because it didnt’ take up too much of my time from studying Pharmacy. I know I was in no danger of being replaced, especially by Chris. In fact, they were talking about transferring him to another department. I should tell him that, knock his ego down. If I were Jonathan, I would of. There is always a time and place to drop bombs. This wasn’t the time.

Chris was more frighten of me than I was of him. For whatever reason, he made me his goal. I’m sure the only reason he made friends with Tavi, was so that he could have his own Jonathan. He didn’t realize Jonathan and I really did like each other. I didn’t force or manipulate Jonathan into being my friend. We clicked, just like we all clicked with David.

“Look, Jonathan and I have to get dress to go, are you done with your superiority complex?”

“You act like you’re not scared, but I see through you.”

“Okay, Superman, I’m afraid. Happy?”

His grin was maniacal. He stepped back from the door. “You stay away from Danielle. She’s mine. I’m going to make her my wife. If you even so much come near her again.”

Was he delusional? I didn’t want her, like she didn’t want him. “You sound creepy, stop trying to be tough.”

He pretended to hit me. Throwing his fist and stopping short of my face. I don’t know why, but I could tell he wasn’t going to connect. “Just remember who the bigger one is.”

“How can we, your stomach reminds us everytime we see you.” Jonathan said. I started to laugh.

“Jonathan, be nice, it’s not his fault he’s big boned.” I looked at Chris and Tavi. “Listen, Chris. I don’t know what you think is going on between Danielle and I, but I don’t want her. She isn’t your property either. Women are free to be with who they want. So, if you are so confident that she likes you, ask her out tonight. Otherwise, stop with your empty threats, before I tell her everything you just said tonight.”

Chris had a stoic expression on his face. I swear I could see the air whirling around him in anger. He was taking time to think about what I said. I met his threat with one of my own. Not my style, but was getting out of hand. He was annoying, but I never heard him sound dangerous. He manage to put the cockiness back on though.

“Oh, I’m going to do more than ask her tonight.” He licked his lips. “She is already in too me, why else would she invite me to the party.”

“Chris, she is vice president of the Asian Club. They’re the ones hosting the party. She invited everyone. Even me.” I said.

He looked down at the floor, then back at me. “It’s different with me. I’ll show you! Lets go Tavi. They both started to head towards the elevator. Once they were in I closed the door. Jonathan was waiting for me.

“What an idiot.” he snickered higher than usual before heading to his room. “David says he is going to Rita’s room first. After she get changed he’ll meet us there. Then he’s coming back here to change.” he said looking at his phone.

“Well we’re already dressed. Sounds like a plan.” I smiled and went to my room to get my coat. I shared a room with Shalin, while David was Jonathan’s roommate. Although David wasn’t here as much as us. He was always spending time in Crystal’s suite and trying to spend time with some girl named Shantel. “Let me get my coat.”

“Do you think there is a chance that she does like him?” Jonathan called out.

“I doubt it. David says she isn’t to dating outside her race.”


“Yeah, David was hanging out with her and John. They got drunk and he tried to make out with her. She told him she doesn’t date outside her race. No kissing, no sex, nothing. Just friends.”

“David acts all shy, but he is one smooth operator.”

“He is, anyway,” I had my coat on and walked back into the living room with Jonathan,”if David sounded pretty adamant that she wouldn’t cross that line. He told Crystal and she thinks Danielle is a racist.”

“What do you think?”

“I think she prefers her race, romantically. She’s nice to us. I don’t see her choice any different from men who choose blondes or brunettes. You ready?”

“You seem like you’re in a rush.”

“I am, don’t you want to see Chris make an ass out himself?” I opened the door and he followed. “I mean more than usual?”

“You can be so evil, sometimes, I must be wearing on you.” Jonathan closed the and we walked toward the elevator. He pushed the down button. “It’s going to be funny though. He’s so cocky, if would be good for him to be taken down a peg or two.”

“Yeah, he’ll just find some way to make it positive, but for tonight, when the rejection is raw, it’s going to be funny. It’s karma for all of his ill will towards us. Well, me.


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