Chapter 10: Brian

After Joan made her call to Paranormal Affairs, the agents were here in no time. Each agent was dressed in a black suit, white shirt, and black tie. Most of them were ghosts, some were human, but every one of them was a psychic. They made their rounds processing the scene and undoing Pirithous hypnotic effect on the mortals. Joan approached me after briefing some of the agents.

We won the fight, which at the time was the only important thing to me. I hated that I needed to have help, but that was the only way for me to win. The battle was glorious, despite that all involved were novices. Except for David and Shantel. The only ones who had any martial arts training. I miss the feeling of fighting and there was a small part of me that wish the battle could of gone on longer, but with Pirithous being unconscious, his favor wasn’t as strong. Fighting was similar to chess when it came down to psychics who used favor.

“Pirithous is being taken into custody. Agent Monroe and her power absorption ability will escort him to central.”

“Why does he sound familiar? Did we bust him before I left?”

“Pirithous was mortal once. A king back in ancient Greece. Along with the mortal hero Theseus, they decided to take daughters of Zeus. Theseus kidnapped Helen when she was still young. Pirthous decided on Persephone.”

I started to remember the tale myself now. Pirithouse was one of the biggest fools from history. “They went into the underworld and Hades tricked them.”

“Right, Brian. Theseus manage to escape, but Pirithouse had to remain and lost his memories to the chair.

“He must of died while in the underworld. I’m sure Hades made him a servant upon death. Serves him right messing with the God of the Underworld.  That also means he was a psychic upon dying, which would explain why he was so powerful now. I wonder how Persephone and Hades are going to react when they find out.”

We’ll know when we find them.” she said. I looked at her with a questioning look. “Hades is a fugitive now. We think he may have murdered Persephone. Her body still hasn’t been found. She’s been missing since Labor Day.”

“The day when she is suppose to come back to the Underworld. I thought they were all getting along.”

“We don’t’ know, but when he was arrested, he managed to escape.”

“It won’t be easy finding him.” I said.

“It won’t, but right now the Captured Family rapist is my top priority. This whole Pirithous fiasco proves that I’m going to a team here. If he manage to escape because no one is minding the doors of the underworld, no telling how many spirits will cross over to Earth. Pirithous is just the first of many.”

“Not only that, but he must of develop his ability after amnesiac effect of the chair.” Joan crossed her arms. She continued to look at me and meet my gaze. She wasn’t intimidated by me, not like most people. That’s why I respected her.

“True, in any case, we were able to extract his ghost favors from the mortals.” She looked down and back up at me. “Brian, they were. They were wraiths.”

Wraiths. Pirithous, the recovered amnesiac, wasn’t’ only a psychic. He was a psychic able to control wraiths. Ghosts, who lost their mental faculties and were mindless, ravenous zombies. Only interested in feeding on psychic energy from ghosts or humans. They were attracted more to psychics, but we usually have the means to defeat them.  

“His time stopping ability wouldn’t allow him to do that.”

“No,” she answered. “Nor would it allow him to recover his memories, which he clearly stated he had.”

“Amnesia is a tricky condition. Some people recover from it and regain their memories. Others receive flashes, and the rest never do recover their memories.  Ghosts, unlike mortals, have a long time to heal. It’s possible that he escaped from the underworld and during that time as his power emerged his mind healed itself. After all, psychic abilities come from having a unison between both the conscious and subconscious.”

“I don’t think he controlled the wraiths, Brian. None of this makes any sense right now, but someone else has to be behind him. Controlling wraiths is an ability only powerful psychics can do and even then would require years of practice. I’m more concern that the mortals he chose were not just possessed by the wraiths. They were possessed by their own gatekeepers.”

“I know. The way they fought and the way the other students reacted to them was a clear giveaway.”

“Speaking of the students.”

“You’re going to erase their minds of the events. Make sense, they’re not agents, nor are they ready to be psychics.”

“You just used them to win.”

“A necessity. Do with them what you wish. Withdrawing my favor isn’t a problem for me, like it will be for you.”

Joan glanced at the girl named Lauren who was with the other students. “We’re taking their accounts of the events prior to the fight. After that, well, yes I would have to erase their memories. They fought so well, I thought that you would want to recruit them, since you are coming back.”

Before the agents came to clean up the scene, the thrill of the battle stirred something in me. Then I thought about my family. They were taken from me like this rapist that was running around. I couldn’t let any more families be destroyed.  I decided to come out of retirement and rejoin Paranormal Affairs. She called the chief and made it official.

“I don’t want to train a new team of rookies. I rather have more experience agents. I used the students to beat Pirithous, nothing more. Some of them have potential, but if I’m going to help you solve this case, I want to choose my own team from an experienced pool.”

“You don’t fool me.” she said. “You care about those students. You don’t want to lose them, because of their inexperience. Which is why you should recruit them.”

“You don’t fool me either, you feel guilty about Lauren over there.”

“True, but I’m not lying about it.”

“Neither am I. I just rather have people who know what they are doing. I don’t have time to train and find this rapist for you. If you want to recruit them, go ahead. I can’t stop you.”

“They are in your favor, you should at least go over and thank them.”

“They should be thanking me.” I looked over at the students. They did do a good job. Shantel had to fight her own boyfriend. David had to overcome his timidness. Right now they should be struggling with their gatekeepers, but they were keeping it together. They were rather impressive. It wouldn’t hurt to thank them before Joan had their memories erased. 1023 in 1hr14

“I’m leaving the decision in your hands. Consider this your first assignment back with Paranormal Affairs.” She walked away to talk to more agents. She better be glad I respected her, because right now, I wanted to hit her. I remember when she first came to me. Optimistic, focused, and annoying. She was a natural athlete, but training her to be a detective was tough. She was strong though, in fact, in a lot of ways, the students reminded me of her. The way they decided to help when I told them to go away. They took orders really well, they executed every step I told them while we were in Shantel’s mindscape.

I wheeld myself over to them and the agents taking their accounts finished up. Rita and Shantel were huddled behind David. Kevin stood by Crystal, and Jonathan behing Aakash.

“I told you all not to get involved and see what happened?”

“I think you mean, thank you.” Kevin said.

“Listen, I do appreciate your help, but without me, you wouldn’t have had the means to defeat your attackers. You all fought well. In a few minutes the agents are going to come over and erase your memories.

“That means we won’t remember Antonio?” Crystal asked.

“Yes” I said.

“We don’t’ want to forget him.” Aakash said.

“There has to be something you can do.” David stood with Crystal and Aakash.  They all looked at me with the same look that Joan gave me when she wanted me to train her. I glanced at Joan and she was staring at us.

“He killed our friend.” Aakash said. “We couldn’t’ help him, even though we had these abilities all along.”

“True, I don’t know how long any of you have been able to see ghosts, so it’s true that you may of been able to help him before I came along, but there really is nothing you could of done.”

“That doesn’t’ matter.” Crystal said.

I took a deep breath. “With great power,”

“Comes great responsibility.” David finish my sentence. “The problem is we have these ability now, we can’t let what happened to Antonio happen to anyone else.”

“I recently reinstated with Paranormal Affairs. I’m going to need a team and if you really want to make up for your friends death. I could train you.”

The eight students looked at each other. Silent conversation being held by their eyes.

“I’m in.” Crystal said. “Like Aakash said, I feel it’s my fault that we couldn’t’ save him.” She had an intensity in her eyes that matched the fire I had.

“Me too.” Aakash said. He seemed confident and determined. I didn’t’ see any doubt about his decision.

“I’m not letting any more friends get hurt. I’m in.” David said. He didn’t seem as confident as Aakash or match Crystal in intensity, but he was a trained soldier and wasn’t going to let his friends do this on their own. Loyalty was just as important as having confidence and intensity.

“Sounds like an adventure, I’m in.” Kevin said standing by Crystal.

Jonathan, Rita, and Shantel all stood up and join the rank of their friends. The only person who didn’t was Lauren.

“Can I have some time to think about it?” she asked.

“Protocol states we can only give you twenty four hours before we are forced to erase your memories.”

“Okay, I’ll let Kevin or David know.”

“The rest of you. You can’t tell anyone about tonight. We will meet here in the morning and I’ll explain everything to you. For now, go home, and rest. Tomorrow we start our first case.”

“What’s the case?” Aakash asked.

I looked at them all and turned to wheel myself to the street. “We’re going to find the Captured Family Rapist.”



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