My Nerdy Life: Building my Brand

I can’t believe it’s March. I’m excited because next month I will release the first two pages of my second graphic novel project, Angel Protocols.

I’m also OFFICIALLlY going to blog in an effort to make this a job and career. I know, it’s bold coming out and saying it, but I love writing and I should be doing this everyday.

The purpose of this blog isn’t just for comic book writers and enthusiastic. This is a lifestyle blog, in which I’m going to cover the mental health, but spiritual, and physical health.

I want to inspire others to pursue their creative passions, so I’m creating a Screenwriting for Comics course.If you are into film and animation, this course could help out too. Right now I’m developing the first month curriculum which will be done by April. We will discuss formatting, story structures, and character development. I want to get you to write MORE.

I will be writing reviews of graphic novels, comic books, manga, and webcomics. This will be more of an analysis, but I will give my opinion of if it’s a good story. This will be based on genres from Save the Cat. Next months reviews are centered on the Monster in the House genre, which lends itself to horror. The comic book/graphic novel review is The Walking Dead, manga: Tokyo Ghoul, and I will comb through Webtoons to find a comic that fits the genre.

Please consider joining my Patreon for as low as $1! My goal is to hit $2,000 a month which will allow me to do the blog and write my comics full-time without worrying about bills. That means if I can get 2,000 followers to pledge $1 a month I will be set. Yes, shameless plug, but I’m not going to sugarcoat it.

I want to entertain, educate, and empower YOU, so even if you don’t pledge, so long as you are learning and enjoying my content…you better enjjoy it, then I succeeded.

So, welcome to My Nerdy Life.

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Hey writers (I want to use Beehive, but someoby named Beyonce apparently has a group of fans using that nickname).

Here is this week tip. Tutorial video is coming Sunday!

This is for screenwriter, who can’t afford Final Draft yet.

I want us to grow and educate each other. Together everyone achieves more.

If I help you in any way, please consider supporting me on Patreon where I’m building a screenwriting course for comic book, animation, and short film writers. I’m also writing two graphic novels. Join HERE

Be Terrific!


Weekly Newsletter #22: Artist Search, Patreon Updates, Kickstarter Delay, and Revenue Goal Continues to Grow.


There are some major changes happening. Subscribe to the Patreon.

I finished the general outline of my screenwriting curriculum The major point of this is to educate on where your screenwriting can be used and to get you to produce more scripts for your portfolio. 

To make the Patreon easier to navigate, I will be combining Angel Protocol and Favor of Athena into a bundle. This will go for future COMICS as well. This means two pages of each comic.

I have come to terms on the release of Alejandro Samada (Richard Capullo). Alejandro was instrumental in kick-starting the art for Favor of Athena. He completed the banner, episode 1, and episode 2. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Favor of Athena will have a new artist or artists by Friday, and we will release episode 3 this month.

Ari Dynamics is developing episode 1 of Angel Protocols.

We are now generating $291 in revenue! Again, my 2020 goal was to reach $90.

The Kickstarter is postponed the new artist time to develop art.

Be Terrific!

Terrio Jenkins

Mamba Fury

Nike’s Mamba Fury


Kobe’s passing has left a void in the hearts of his fans and the game.

Coming soon will be the release of his next signature shoe, the Mamba Fury. With three color selections: black/red, black/white, and white/silver, Kobe fans will be able to carry on his Mamba mentality.

Mamba Fury

The latest of budget friendly shoes. Fans will enjoy its sleek and technical style. Kobe’s own logo embroiled into the tongue. Along with a low-top cut and snake pattern on the toe, the shoe is the Zoom air cushion on the forefoot and mid sole.

Kobe’s mentality, his legacy, will last forever. Show your Mamba mentality. Show your FURY.

​Coming Soon

Black Cats Concept Art

Black Cats is a new project I’m working on. Inspired by the Black Panther and Big Hero 6. Not sure if I’m doing a comic or a illustrated novel. I’m loving the character design process though. Next up, their armor.

For now, I’m basing them on the Breakfast Club.

Let me know what you think.

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