You found me!

Welcome to my home on the web. I’m Terrio Jenkins, a graphic designer and creative writer.

I want to share my experience as a comic book writer with others and serve as an inspiration for pursuing your dreams of being a creative.

I know it is hard, but you need GRIT, along with DRIVE, because the road is long and filled with roadblocks. Money can’t be your only why.

Why am I passionate about this? WHY am I doing this? I could have given up years ago. When I was working full-time, going to two different schools, and working part-time. At any point of my life, I could have walk away from writing, designing, and teaching. I didn’t, and you don’t have to either. Right now as we speak, I’m publishing my own monthly comic strip and almost obtained my monthly funding goals. In April, I will be launching another book.

I may not be Mark Waid or Kurt Busiek. I may not be Tyler Perry or Kevin Hart. I’m me and you are you. Together, we can make the comic book writing, comic book artist, or any creative pursuit a reality. I’m not promising Hollywood to call you or for Marvel to pick you up. I am promising that I can help you finish that story that is in your head. The story that needs to be told VISUALLY.

I want to use my experience as a teacher, writer, and designer to HELP you. You are my why. So, follow me, I’ll lead the way. Let’s make a comic!

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