Weekly Newsletter #23


I will be changing “episodes” to “scenes” when referring to two pages.

Favor of Athena is still 100% funded for monthly 

Angel Protocols is currently 5% funded for monthly


I’m still developing a screenwriting course. First month course in April will be called Screenwriting formats, which we will cover screenwriting formats for film, animation, comic books, 

Favor of Athena

  • I uploaded page 5 of issue 1. Page 6 is in process of being lettered by Nikki. Episode 3 will be ready to go this month on the 24th.
  • The script for pages 7 and 8 (April) was sent to Alejandro.
  • Speaking of which, Alejandro is back, but will only provide the art and not the colors.
  • Coloring will now be done by Chandra Singh!
  • Episode 2 will be published on Webtoon on the 24th.

Angel Protocol

  • I will be uploading the rough sketch of page 1 of issue 1 as part of this month’s behind-the-scenes.
  • Ari is almost done with both, page 1 and 2, 
  • I will start writing pages 3 and 4 of issue 1.
  • Currently looking at colorist.

Black Kats

  • This week I started research for developing my new children’s series.

Be Terrific!

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