Blog Series and Resources

Hey writers!

So, the format I will be using in all my blogs and pages will be modeled after a bullet journal.

This makes the content easier and faster for you to read

Keeps me organized for my goals


You will notice that you can click on blogs which takes you to the blog page.

The blog page serves as my home page for the website and has 4 sections:

Screenwriting for Comics: This series will cover writing and selling a comic book. I will be using Save the Cat and The Complete Self-Publishing Guide to Comics to produce a comic book from scratch.

My Nerdy Life: In this blog I will journal my goals for the night and what I acomplished. This will also cover my transition into producing animation and short film scripts. May crossover with Screenwriting for Comics.

Newsletter: This is published on Wednesday and covers updates to my TJ Comics line.

Sports: There is more to me than wanting to be a screenwriter. I love sports and when I get the chance I write about them!

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