Tonight Goals: Mar 15, 2021

  • Physical: 730-800 run 1 mile
  • Spiritual: 730-800 listen to the bible
  • Mental: practice editing (Favor of Athena), writing (Angel Protocols), and reading (Tokyo Ghoul)
  • Character Design sketches: Angel Protocols
    • Purpose: Series artist would like character sheets. Chance to practice/sharpen drawing skills.
    • Steps:
      • Use design notes for artist
      • create loose sketches: Reference D-Grayman/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/A Different World
      • Post sketches
    • Due: 8:30-9:30
  • Edit episode 4 of Favor of Athena
    • Purpose: Next installment of Issue one introducing Greg and Wayne
    • Steps
      • Read previous episodes to add more details to the crime/victim. Build suspense to the first action scene.
    • Due: 9:30-10:00, Post to Behind the Scenes on Patreon/Wordpress
  • Black Cats Research
    • Purpose: to help develop product for April release
    • Steps:
      • Choose magic/technology
      • find reference models
      • choose age group of characters (children’s book)
    • Due: 9:30-10:30 Post to Behind the Scenes on Patreon/Wordpress.

Tonight I start my Mentor Monday: I will reach out to comic writers who are living successfully as indy artist. Three of whom have already helped me through critique and motivation(David Lillie writer/creator Dreamkeepers), Greg Burnham (writer/co-creator of Tuskegee Heirs), and Adam Withers & Comfort Love (Rainbow in the Dark).

Overall: Moves Favor of Athena graphic novel forward. Develop Black Cats (children novel, cartoon, comic), and helping prepare the Angel Protocol graphic novel.

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