Weekly Newsletter #21: Smashing the Income Goal, Kickstarter, and Angel Protocols Update

I hope you are being TERRIFIC!

The conversion of the Patreons (terriojenkins, Favor of Athena, and Angel Protocols) is going well under TJ Comics!

Two of our Angel Protocol subscribers increased their pledges! Thank you for doing so. Every little bit helps with the production of both graphic novels.

The goal this year was to either earn 18 subscribers at the $5 tier or to make $90/month. We are not finished with the first fiscal quarter, but are already at $98! Thank you to all our subscribers!

The monthly flash fictions have not been read, so I will no longer write them. I will replace that reward with weekly updates of the novel revisions for both books.


Is officially on Webtoons with Episode 1 (which you all read in December and January.  You will always read the upcoming episode before it is release on Webtoons. In fact, that is why we pushed back episode 3 to March. Webtoon readers will be on Episode 2 next month, so you all have EARLY ACCESS. 

Alejandro is polishing up episode 3 and you don’t want to miss it as the action is about to pick up!

The Kickstarter is on pause as I’m still trying to figure out what we can produce as rewards.


The marketing is starting to pick up. We had an increase of visitors to the last subscription post.

I plan on having the character designs done this weekend. This will be an exclusive to the $15 and above tier. 

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