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This blog is inspired by the book Make A Nerdy Living. Actually, that is only in name only, I was really inspired by the book The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers by Sally Miller.

Last year, I graduated with my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. I also completed a web design certification program with LinkedIn. The year before, I graduated with my Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design & Digital Media.

I told myself in December of 2018, I want to be a writer. Since then, I have written two unpublished novels that are available on Wattpad. During my year with Full Sail, I completed two short film scripts, two episodes of a web series, and a comic book script.

2020 also was my first time being paid for comic book work. I wrote 14 pages for a client. I also sold my second logo design. I had a paid client land a job with a resume I wrote for them. I also had another paying client get accepted into their graduate school by proofreading their admission essay.

On top of all that, I started a new webcomic series, Favor of Athena, which is already up to 6 subscribers and bringing in $78 a month, and Angel Protocol. . I’m also currently in the process of becoming a screenwriting consultant with an upstart company. More importantly, I started my own business, Terrio Jenkins LLC. I’m on my way to making the goal a reality.

Over the last few years, I’ve updated my blog, but I want to focus on growing it. Now, I know my niche is making comics. This comes full circle with both of the books I mentioned before.

My Nerdy Living will focus on blogging about comics and manga. From there we will talk about the adaptations into anime, cartoons, film, and novels. I will offer tips on how to make a comic, plus you get to follow me as I create one for my book, How to Make a Comic.

The other goal is to make this an income-generating blog, and yes that means I need your help! I will be blogging about my experience

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