Rewriting Lust #7: Day 2

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Rewriting Lust #7: Day 2

Today I finished writing chapter two. I smashed my chapter goal of 2,000 words (I’m suppose to write 2,500 day, but at least 2,000 for each chapter.) Total word count was 2,237 words.  During the second draft this was an added chapter intended to introduce the main characters in smaller groups and show their interactions. I did like that draft, but I thought that Shantel and Rita came off flat still. This time around I feel the readers will get a good sense of how the three characters are.  They have more personality and I can’t wait to write them, which I can’t say I felt the first time. 

I started the third chapter with Crystal and Joseph. Currently I’m at 220 words so I met my total word count for the day. 

Today’s Book in a Month goal is to write ten key scenes. I will post the worksheet on my blog and patreon. I decided to make this free so that my audience can have a glimpse into my writing process. 

My ten key scenes are named after the beats in Save the Cat: Setup, Catalyst, Break into 2, Fun&Games, Midpoint, Bad Guys Close In, Dark Moment, Break into 3, Finale, and Closing Image. I actually have this finished as part of my concepting phase. 

I’m a day behind in making the YouTube video for Rewriting Lust #6 and probably won’t post #7 until tomorrow. Which is now, so later on today. 

I would love to have some feedback about my Rewriting Lust series, either the blog or YouTube series. Please leave a comment and tell me what you like or don’t like so far. I know with my YouTube series I’m still trying to find my niche as presentation goes. I wish I could be more energetic, but I’m who I am. The dry persona worked for Ben Stein, I just have to find a way for it to work for me.

The art for the series is going to be delayed. I still don’t have a consistent style, especially when I use references. To improve in that area, much like I’m doing with Rewriting Lust, I’m going to do a series on my blog and YouTube detailing my journey to become a better artist.  I’m going to be using three drawing books that really motivated me in the past.  Marvel Comics How to Draw the Marvel Way, Manga for Dummies, and Cartoon Cool

Thanks for reading and Be Terrific!

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