Rewriting Lust #6: First Chapter

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Episode 6: The First Chapter!

All right, I have the plot, characters, setting, and story setup. Time to write. Before I do I have to set some goals up for myself. I’m taking the 30 day challenge. I’m also rewriting the book from scratch. I’m just using certain plot points I liked from the previous two drafts and rewriting with the new knowledge and concepts I developed during the concept phase.  

The book in a month challenge states that I should have a goal.  I’m writing a fantasy whydunnit (mystery). According to the Science Fiction & Fantasy writers of America says a novel should be 40,000 words. Hallie Ephron in Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel says that 70,000 to 100,000 words. My minimum goal is going to be 70,000 words. That comes to 17,500 words a week and 2500 words a day. However, I’m working with 40 scenes. I’m going to be more of a sensor type and stick with a detailed structure. If I feel confined by the 40 scenes/chapters, I will free my intuitiveness/creativity.  70,000 words divided across 40 chapters comes to a total of 1,750 words per chapter. On a good day I know I’m capable of typing around 900, so this goal is achievable, especially with proper planning. This is only so that I can finish writing the whole novel in 30 days. If you’re not press to do so, then you can take longer. For instance Hallie Ephron attempts to write around 500 words a day for a 80,000 word manuscript. 

Did I meet me goal for today. You bet!!! I wrote 2,825 words with a total writing time three hours and 57 minutes. One hour and thirty minutes were due to distractions…I was watching a Let’s Play God of War 4 video….So, now I know, no videos while writing (duh!) This means I’m 300 words ahead of schedule. This doesn’t mean I can cheat out the rest of chapter 2 or any of chapter 3.  

I made some character changes with the supporting cast. I will include this in a future post of my Patreon.  That will be where the first chapter will also be posted. 

In keeping with the Book in a Month challenge there is another goal I’m suppose to be working on. Today goal is writing the one sentence summary

Day 1 Objective

-write a one sentence summary

I had a hard time because I was trying to convey too much in my one sentence. Then I realize I had to write what the story is really about.

A group of psychic detectives must find a rapist who targets families.

The second objective is to complete the story map.

This was done in my concept phase. The plot, setting, and characters. I will post this on a future date, once I get the worksheets.

That is all for today, thanks for reading, and remember to Be Terrific!

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