Lust, Favor of Ares Novel: Chapter 2 (1st draft)

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Chapter 2: 


Theo’s Apartment 7:00 A.M

Rays of sunlight hit my face, waking me up from my sleep.  My roommates, Anthony and David, both went home for the weekend. Their beds weren’t made and the suitcases they kept underneath their bed were gone.  Good for me, because I wouldn’t have been able to convince Elisa to come over otherwise.   Our school crammed the three of us together because of overcrowding.  Usually there were only two students in a room.  The dorms were remodeled from an apartment complex. Each suite came with three two-man rooms, a living room, and a common area bathroom. The rooms were furnished with two twin size beds, desk, chester drawers, and one closet. We were lucky enough to have three of us in one room.  Yup.  Lucky.  So, our room had a bunk bed, an extra desk in the living room, and another chester drawer that we put in the corner of our living room.   

Elisa was still sleeping by me with her arm across my chest.  Her face was exotic, with simple, beautiful indian features.  The top of her head reached my chest and her curvy body was thicker than average girls.  The sweet smell of honey from her lotion, filled my nose.   

“Why are you moving so much?”  her voice sounded like a valley girl, muffled from the pillow. 

“I have to meet up with some friends.”  I kissed her gently on her forehead, moving my hand under the sheets.  Touching her hips, my heart was pounding fast, and my nerves were on fire.  Each little inch, felt like my heart would burst out of my chest.  She moved away, her eyes wide awake,  and her face scowled. 

“What are you doing?” she slapped my arm away and her voice was both angry and tired.   

Confused, I drew my hand back, and gave her a puzzled look.  With my eyebrow raised, and a neutral look on my face, I responded .  “Well, I thought since we slept together.” 

“I only slept with you, because my roommate had her boyfriend over, and my other friends were having parties in their own dorms. Just because I slept in bed with you, doesn’t mean I want to have sex or anything.”  She lowered her head into my pillow. 

“So, we’re just friends?”  I didn’t want to be put in the friend zoned, but I couldn’t think of anything clever to say.  Other guys would of gotten some.  All I got was a hug and we cuddled last night, before falling asleep. 

“I don’t know what we are, but we’re not having sex.” 

I rolled out of my bed, onto my feet, grabbing a pair of grey sweatpants, and a black and grey Raiders shirt.  I was dressing myself, while staring at the top half of her back, and pink bra.  Why couldn’t I sealed the deal?  because as much as I wanted sex, I wanted a relationship, too, I guess.  Every girl, that I might have an attraction for, I always jump ahead and think of marriage and the sex that comes with it.  Now a days it was harder for me to try, since I joined the bible study activity group,  but I was still obsessed with sex. 

After the encounter with the zombies I ran into Elisa in the hallway.  She needed a place to rest and since we party with the same group of friends I invited her to mine.  I felt comfortable asking her, I figured having her spend the night, would give me a chance to have sex.  Then, if I was lucky, maybe she would want to date me.  When we got to my room, she took off her pants and shirt.  I was going to sleep in one of my roommate’s beds, but she said she wanted me to sleep with her.  We didn’t kiss or make out, so I ended thinking about the zombies, before I fell asleep.   

“Well, I’m about to leave just lock the door when you leave.”  I finished sliding my Burlington County University hoodie over my head and left. 

“Theo.” Her voice stopped me at the doorway.  “Thanks, I really appreciate this.”  I turned towards her and she was looking at me with a seductive smile.  The covers slipped down exposing her upper torso as she talked.  I wasn’t hungry anymore, at least not for food.  My body felt like it was going to explode from the beating of my heart.   

“No problem, I’ll talk to you later.”  I took another look at her as she laid back down.

Campus Center 7:30 A.M

The morning air wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be.  The neighborhood around school was quiet on Saturday morning with most of all the students who stayed in the dorms, going away for the weekend.  It felt like last night, empty and eerie.  

My mind flashing back to last night.  I was still in disbelief over the fact that I fought a zombie.   I knew one thing, I couldn’t believe how I moved like I did last night.  I didn’t want to go help, but I didn’t want to look like a coward in front of the girls.  Then when we saw the zombies I froze, even though another girl was in their clutches, I couldn’t move.  Military training, from R.O.T.C, just went out the window.  That was before I heard something calling me.  The pistol of the policeman looking zombie was singing to me.  For some reason it replaced my fears and confidence grew within me.  I felt like a different man.  

All I wanted to do at that point, was save the girls, and impress them.  I guess I’ve always been like that.  Trying to impress girls by being athletic and nice, but I still get put in the friendship zone.  No one ever wanted the nice guy and I was only somewhat athletic.  I was toned, but still skinny, too skinny for most girls.  

The closer I got to the gun, the more confidence that entered my body.  Once it was in my hand, I felt like nothing could keep me from saving the girls.  Lustful thoughts swarmed my head about each of them.  I had to clear my head, after shooting the zombie holding Aakash.   

Even now, the pistol was in my pants pocket.  Before last night, I’ve never used a pistol. It was like the pistol took control of my body, it was the puppeteer, and I was a puppet.  

After we won, I disassemble it into it smaller components.  Like I’ve been doing it for years.  The pistol was still calling for me, but it wasn’t as intense as it was last night.  Great, so not only was I hearing voices in my head, now I had guns singing to me.  Thats why I’m dropping some of my classes, I think I might be overworked.  

Last night those fighting skills were amazing.  I was in karate when I was younger, but never progressed beyond a white belt.  I did some backyard wrestling and had limited hand to hand training from the Army basic training.  

Nothing like the judo throw and marksmanship I displayed last night.  The experience felt like I was a star in a Johnny Woo action movie. The pistol made me that way somehow.  Even now I felt like the pistol was like a small bottle of alcohol, giving me liquor courage.   

Not only that, but the blue bullet that shot from the pistol.  The pistol was empty, the pistol sung that to me, when  I picked it up. I just knew that it would work for me, once my body started glowing again.  The pistol hummed in my hands when I shot it.  What was the blue energy?  It was the same color that surrounded my body when it was glowing.

I went into the campus center to the cafeteria. I ordered my breakfast, ham and cheese on a toasted bagel. I couldn’t stand eggs.  At least not the ones that they put on bagels.   

Crystal, Aakash, Jason, and Rita were already sitting down with Professor Miller eating breakfast.  

“Morning Theo.”  Professor Walder said. Today he was in a wheelchair.  I noticed he switches up some days this past semester.  I never knew what caused it, but I just always figure it was because he was getting old.  The wheelchair was stylish, colored in crimson red, instead of grey or silver.  It looked more like a scooter than a wheelchair

“Good morning, everybody.”  I said taking notice that we were the only ones eating.  Everyone looked tired and worried at the same time. I’m guessing they didn’t sleep well like me.  Last night Aakash was freaking leaping around like a frog. Crystal had grown retractable hair spikes.  Jason could shrink his body to the size of a child and grow certain parts of his body as an attack.  Lauren could detect emotions which manifested floating touch screens.  Rita was able to summon weather. Kevin looked like he created a duplicate of himself inside the zombie.  Finally Professor Walder could make morph weapons from his body from what I could see. I was glad I was a geek for comic books and video games because I think that is the only reason why I’m not going crazy.  That and the pistol still humming to me.  

“I should start.”  Professor Walder finished his coffee.  “As I was explaining to them, Theo,  I decided to take the missing girl case as a consultant. That black wave was cover for a kidnapping.”  

“How is that possible?”  I asked.  The pistol changed it song as I sat next to Mr. Miller.  The song seem like it was an ode to danger.  I did feel different knowing that my history professor could grow scythes out of his back.  Jason told me later on that night, Walder morphed a flamethrower.  Now, I was nervous about dropping his class.  He was a great teacher, but he was also sarcastic, and if you weren’t tough you would get your feelings hurt.  Like me.  I was sensitive, but I try not to let it show, but for the most part he seem to respect my input.  I grew up a geek for Greek Mythology it’s one of the reasons I chose to study Art History.  That and I was a comic book collector.   

Walder took a sip of his coffee. “Just like each of you displayed your abilities last night.  A Judge did it.”  

“A judge?”  I asked.  The only judge I knew with supernatural abilities was Samson from the bible.  Walder didn’t expect for us to believe that.

“Yes, at least that what they were called in the beginning.  Nowadays, the term for Judges would be psychics.”

“I don’t believe in psychics.”  Jason interrupted looking through Mr. Miller.  

“Well, Jason, you better start, because each of you. is a psychic.  Only ten percent of the population is capable of becoming a psychic.” Walder said, placing his coffee down.  

“Is it a mutation?” Jason asked. “and that would mean others on campus should also be psychics.”  

I couldn’t argue with Jason’s logic, but there was something about how Waldertold us about his theory. We all did display different powers last night and it could be a mutation just like in X-men and Heroes.  Jason looked annoyed and pessimistic.  I knew him pretty well we both met at a party at Crystal’s.  Then we ended up on the same soccer intramural team.  He looked like a loner and I guess you can say that about him, but he was just as sensitive as me.  With the same luck with women.    

“True, the exposure to that dome only affected those within it.  The dome tried to kill us by draining our mental energy, but instead it awoke your psychic abilities.” Mr. Walder continued.  

“Is that why we were glowing last night?” Aakash questioned, he was logical like Jason, but more optimistic.  He was fun to be around and I had met him at the same party.  You would think he was a total nerd, but he was outgoing and always had a smile on his face.  Even last night his laid back demeanor reminded me of myself.  When there isn’t zombies trying to eat me that is. 

“Yes. In fact, last night, I could tell by each of your auras, what type of psychic you are.” Walder clasped his hands together and placed his elbows on the table.  He reminded me of Bruce Willis, with his bald head and aging features.  I would hear other girls talked about how attractive he is.   

“Auras?” Rita looked confused. She had a large breakfast on her plate.  More than everyone else in fact.  She must stay fit eating like that.  I guess it’s alright, because she wasn’t fat.  She had thick thighs that touch each other, and little chubbiness in the stomach area, but still looked rather slim.  I always thought Asian women were attractive and she was no exception.  I loved how short she was, even Elisa, who was about 5’0, was taller than her.  The pistol changed it song again as I thought about her.  I swear it sounded like “Lets Get It On.” 

“Types?” Jason asked. I stopped thinking and went back to paying attention to the conversation.  I don’t know what is going on with my hormones today, but I need to get my head into the game.   

“Professor Walder is talking about the glowing light around our bodies last night, Rita.  Aura is a parapsychology concept, but is also studied in other religions.”  Crystal told her.   The song started playing louder and I looked at how pretty Crystal was.  She reminded me of a smaller porn star I knew, without the booty.  I had a small crush on her, but she was unattainable to me.  Plus our friendship was important to me.  In fact, I told her more things about me, than my male friends I had at school.  Her tattoo’s made her even more attractive. 

“Exactly, Crystal everyone has an aura which is usually locked up in their psyche.  Only those with extraordinary mental energy can manifest it as an aura field around themselves.  This field grants the psychic the ability to use their miracle ability and aura pledges, to perform exorcisms by consuming the psyches of spirits.” Miller turned to Jason. “As for types, psychics are classified into five categories.   Each type has an advantages, disadvantages, and are similar in characteristics.    

“Sounds like pokemon.”  I said and everyone chuckled.

Walder explained to us about the five types.

The first type he explained were the monster types.  Monsters gain their ability by being exposed to to a biological substance like the psyche of an animal.  The aura of a monster type  mimics the properties of animals.  When using their animal senses, they can see the past of objects, allowing them to track individuals.  In addition, they can also use the physical traits of their specific pledge or animal.  A spider monster could spin webs, a falcon monster could fly, etc.  The disadvantages of monsters is the dual type mind they share with their animal creating a bloodlust.  Even in the case of herbivores, the omnivore nature of the human side is increased.  

Oracles are reincarnated pieces of celestial bodies given human form.  They have precognition and clairvoyance by using the specific zodiac element they belong to.  Unlike the other aura types, which reacts with the Judge, oracle’s have aura’s that are sentient and represent their past incarnation.  They are weak to their opposite element if it is stronger, water oracles can beat fire oracle, earth oracles can beat air oracles.  The aura can also take over the current incarnations body.

I belong to the Hoplite group.  Hoplites could animate a specific weapon, giving it limited sentience, and together create a mental shield that provided protection from psychic phenomenon from monsters and oracles and even make them invisible to mortals.  In addition the weapon and hoplite fight as one, with the weapon leading the hoplite.  Only together can the hoplite use their own miracle.  This is their biggest disadvantage.

Jason fell into the automaton group.  Automatons were created from metal and given human form through a process called fletching.  The psychic ability of automatons is their ability to use telekinesis using their specific metal.  Using it on themselves they could had enhance strength.  They appeared human, but their aura properties were based on their specific metal pledge.  Apparently automatons had a social status based on chess.  Gold automatons were kings, silver and platinum were queens, iron automatons were knights, mercury automatons were bishops.  Lead represented the rooks.  Tin, copper, and other weak metals were pawns.  

Crystal had a ghost type aura.  Ghost types were hypnotist, who were powered by the pledge of a specific planet, including pluto, the moon, and the sun.  They could create hallucinations that were psychosomatic and control the emotions of their target.  Their disadvantage was the cycle of their planet and they become addicted and develop “god complexes.”   Ghost types were usually naturally born spirits, but they could breed with mortals, by possessing a host, creating a demigod or the origianl term, nephilim. 

Professor” I paused, “how did you figure this out? I mean our aura fields were different colors is that how you can tell what type we are? I don’t understand how you can just tell by how are aura’s feel.” 

“Ah.  The color of your aura convey your fatal flaw which corresponds to one the seven deadly sins.  Crystal your is purple for pride, wrath for Jason, lust for Theo, gluttony for Rita, and sloth for Aakash.” 

“That makes sense, we all talk about how once we used our powers, we all felt a surge of emotion.”  I said looking around at everyone. 

“Yeah, like when Jason went schizo on the zombie, after he beat it already.” 

“The sin call to you whenever you use your psychic power and it takes great will to not give in to it.”  Mr. Walder said. 

“Like the dark side of the force from Star Wars.” 

“Do you have anymore pop culture references?” 

“No.  I’m done.  I’m just trying to understand everything in ways I can comprehend.” .  Rita had stopped eating, once she heard her sin was gluttony.  Jason rejoined us at the table.  Aakash acted like none of this phased him.  Crystal looked like she wanted to punch somebody.  “I heard you mention “us” earlier when telling Aakash about his psychic power.  You must be a psychic too.” 

“Yeah, Professor. Walder.  How do you know about this.  What type are you?”  Rita asked taking another quick bite of her pancakes. 

Professor Walder took another sip of tea and sat the cup down.  I heard hate in his voice. “Because, Rita I have observed  psychics for years.”  

“What type of psychic are you?” I repeated Rita’s question.  He seem to know way too much for just a normal person.  The pistol song disappeared and I looked at Robert Walder.  Fear started to take over and I couldn’t believe I demanded him to answer us.   

“Like Crystal, I’m a ghost type, but I’m not a demigod. My pledge is with the planet, Pluto, and I’m a full born spirit.”  He paused and a red aura started glowing around him.  I felt angry with everything that was happening.  Angry that Elisa didn’t want to have sex.  Mad that I was losing my mind.  Furious that lust is my flaw and now everyone knew.  I could feel heat coming off my body and I just wanted to punch him, them, anything.  I realized his aura was strong, making me feel the skill of the ghost type, in his flashy display of power as his aura faded away.  The others had fear in their eyes and looked just as spooked as I was.  You heard of me I’m the son of Zeus and Hera.  I’m Ares, the Greek God of War.”  

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