Lust, Favor of Ares: Chapter 3 (1st Draft)

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Chapter 3 Crystal

Silence filled the room as everyone turned their focus to Professor Walder. He claimed to be a god and after last night, I believed him.  

“A God?” I asked, breaking the silence. Walder closed his eyes and lowered his head, like he was ashamed of being a God.  He opened his eyes, staring past us with anguish written on his.  I’ve read about this before in my psychology books and magazines. There was a strong possibility that he was relieving a painful, traumatic memory.  If he really is Ares, then he has been in countless wars.  With a lifetime of fighting, God or not, there has to be some form of post traumatic stress disorder.  I’m positive, he was having flashback, right before our eyes.   

“Mortals started worshipping us as Gods over the years, but in truth, we’re spirits from the Astral Plane.  Spirits, who survive their human deaths, are called Poltergeists.  We were foolish enough to follow my father’s plan, to usurp the God.”  

“Zeus” Theo said, loud enough for us to hear. “Zeus is your father, if you’re Ares”  

“Correct, Theo”  

“Wait a minute. So you’re saying the Greek myths we learned in your class are real?” Rita asked. “What about other myths?”  

“They are, most likely true.” His brown eyes focused on her.     

I sat in my chair, taking everything in, Walder told us what each of our aura types were.  I was a ghost type, meaning I was born with my powers, because one or both of my parents were a spirit.  Ares said that my pledge, was linked to anger, and was demigod strand of the ghost type.  Did my mom know I was a demigod? What if she is my divine parent? No, one thing I knew about Greek Gods and Demigods, is the spiritual parents almost always abandon their children for one reason.  My dad had been in and out my life for years. It only makes sense that he was my spiritual parent.   

Who was he really? Zeus? That would make Ares, I mean Professor Walder, my brother.  Weird, I have to find out.  Ares, Professor Walder, I don’t know what to call him anymore.  Zeus tried to usurp God and was cast out with his army. I was Jewish, but not a practicing one.  My father was the one who tried to instill Judaism to the family.  He was a half german and Jewish. We knew God as Yahweh, but one of the reasons my mother and him didn’t get along was religion.  I guess that’s why I’m not a believer in religion. 

“Like Lucifer?”  I’ve seen too much to believe that a God would allow such trouble into the world and just watch.  I believe if change is going to happen then we as a people must invoke the change.  

“Yes. The King of Gods of many myths were angels who gather together an army to overthrow God and failed. Everyone who rebelled were cast out of heaven into the Purgatory known as the Astral Plane.  This is location of the dimensions such as Asgard and Olympus.  The astral plane is a sentient force that lives as a bridge between heaven and earth.  The connection between creatures and objects”  

There was complete silence in the cafeteria. Each of us started to realize that as crazy as it sounds that this was the truth.  I was still trying to think of who my dad was.  My brother Nick hero worships our father and kept hoping that one day he would return to stay with us.  Not me. I didn’t need him just like my mother didn’t need him.  I admire her for leaving him and becoming independent. 

There was no denying the truth with the overwhelming evidence of everything that has happen.  What other way to explain our powers or the zombies from last night.  I wanted to learn more about our psychic abilities I know about some of them from my studies in parapsychology.  One of the reasons why I chose Psychology as my major was to understand what events shaped the personality of an individual.  Behaviorism was so interesting to me.  I was also interested in parapsychology and took several classes in it.   

“Do you think Zeus is behind this?” I was still trying to figure out if my dad is a Greek God that means he lied to me for all these years.  It would also explain why he is never around for us.   I didn’t hate him, but I didn’t respect him much.  The professor told me earlier that as a demigod that I could control others through hypnotism by using the energies of my pledge, which was linked to a planet. In my case, he saw Uranus, despite being born an Aquarius.     

“I’m not sure Crystal.” He controls the weather, not darkness, and definitely not zombies. Unless he learned the he had a disciple, with that ability, working for him.   No. I believe Hades is the prime suspect.”  

“What are disciples?” I asked.  I knew what they were from a biblical point of view, but I wanted to know, in what context the word meant, with the supernatural.  

“Disciples or Shrines, are creatures or locations, that a spirit has marked.  A continue source of food for the spirit and makes them more powerful, while the disciples gain favor from the spirit, usually in the form of the spirits psychic ability.”

“Wait so if we’re dealing with Greek gods? What if we run into Hades? Isn’t he like king of the dead or something?” Jason asked.  He was starting to believe, but did not want us to think so, it was in his eyes. I could tell he was mad, because when he spoke, he grimaced.  I met him over the Summer, we were both in the EOF program. I’ve seen his short temper in action.  We were leaving class and waiting for the elevator, but a group of our fellow students were gossiping.  I was annoyed and about to say something, just to get them out of the way, but Jason exploded.  Cursing at them in Spanish, pushing them out his way, onto the elevator.  It was hard to believe, that he had a short temper, because usually he was pretty calm. 

“Hades? Oh my god. Isn’t he like the devil?” Rita finally spoke, after being quiet for a while.  Out of all of us, she seem to be taking it the hardest.  For Jason, even though he was rational, there was no rational facts for him to accept.  For Rita, she was religious, if you want to say that.  I’ve seen her at some parties, getting drunk.  I wasn’t judging her, I mean, she never judge anyone else.  I couldn’t stand that, about some religious people, thinking they were better.  For her, though, this meant, Heaven was real, which meant, God was real.  I still have to see it, before I believe it, myself.    

Walder struggled up from his chair. “Hades kidnapped a young woman to make her his wife.”  

“Persephone.” Theo said.  He was into Greek mythology and told me that would be his area of focus as an art historian.  He was sweet and last night despite his fears he took charge.  I didn’t mean to be confrontational when he told me to stay with the professor, but I’ve never been one to wait and distressed.  I always took action taking traits from my mom.   

“That girl from last night you think he wanted her?” Aakash said standing up as well.  

We saved Lauren from those zombies last night, but she didn’t show this morning.  I guess because she didn’t know any of us. She could detect emotions and after the last zombie disappeared she left.  

“Did anyone recognize her?” Rita looked around the table at us. She sounded as if one of own her family members was missing.  This is what I was good at interpreting people and understanding their behaviors.  Understanding what makes them tick and what happen to them.  Rita was easy to read.  In fact most people were.  

“Hades might try kidnapping her again.  If we don’t help her they will get her next time.” Aakash turned to Theo who was still sitting down with his arm crossed.  

“She is in one of my art classes.” Theo looked at me trying to read me. Then we all look at Professor Miller.  

“I decided took the case Detective Wilfong wanted my help on, but I’m far too old and lame to do everything myself.  Detective Wilfong wanted me to train some new agents to act as an investigation team.  If you all joined me it would be an honor.  Your bravery inspired me to action. I know how sudden this all is, but I will train you in paranormal investigations.  

“What’s the case?” I asked.  

“Yeah, Detective Wilfong looked upset that you weren’t going to help.” Theo said.  

“Five young women are missing and it is quite possible that Lauren is the next target like we stated earlier.  If she is then her family is in danger of the perpetrator murdering them in two days.”  

“So we’re dealing with a serial rapist and killer? Is one person or a group?” I started to get angry.  Raping someone to me was the most despicable thing you could do to a woman.  Everyone had the right to be safe and it angers me when someone abuses women or children.   

I looked around and again everyone stood in silence.  This was a bit much, but we had powers now.  We could be the only ones who can do anything about it.  We all looked at Theo from what I understood power wise he was the weakest since he had to have a gun to use his power.  I guess we all still looked to him because with his military training he was the most qualified to be our leader.  He was also the only one who knew us and the girl.  I trusted him even though we had some minor disagreements he is a nice guy. 

“Let’s do it” I said. The others all agreed with me and we stood up.   

Professor Miller wheeled himself in the middle of us,  “Wonderful.” 

“What do we do next?” I wanted to hurry up and do what we can to help prevent another kidnapping.  I couldn’t imagine that happening.   

“Well before Professor Miller trains us. We have three goals. First I’ll talk to Lauren and see if I can recruit her to stay with us.  Her empathic abilities might be helpful.”  

“Because she was such a great help last night?” Jason said his arms folded.  His chin length black hair made him look like a fan of the Beetles.   

“Jason.”  Theo shot him a look and Jason shut his mouth.  “We need to find out if anyone else caught in the field had their powers awaken because Hades will most likely try to silence them.  We also need to find clues or evidence that implicates or absolve Hades in which case we have to figure out who else could be the perp.”  

Theo looked harmless. He stood 5’9, lean, with feminine long eyelashes and thick eyebrows.  He sounded like he was just making suggestions, but they were commands. He was good at getting people to work well together.  Even more impressive is how he just decided what needs to happen.  I guess that military studies were paying off. 

“I think Aakash and Jason should collect any evidence to track the zombies and get a lead on Hades involvement.  I’ll go with Rita and see if we can find anyone else caught in the field.”   I figured let the science majors find the evidence and I would be able to tell in interviews if someone was lying.  Rita was pretty good with people too so it just made sense that way.  

Rita looked at me. “How are we going to do that?” 

“We’re just going to have to ask everyone who is still in the dorm.”  I told her and tried to make it sound like it would be easy.  We both knew it wouldn’t be, but hey you got to psyche yourself up sometimes.  

Rita started nodding as if she was responding to someone. “Rita?”  

“Sorry I was speaking to my patron spirit.  He says we can find them.”  

“Oh how are you going to do that?” I wasn’t sure if she was going crazy. Getting used to oracles was going to be hard.  Not that I didn’t believe in spirits before this. It was just still hard to grasp that myths we knew were real.  

“My weather manipulation allows me to sense disturbances, influences, and conditions on the environment.  At least that is what Robin is telling me.”   

“Robin?” I asked.  I knew that her patron was a past life, but I assumed they would have the same name for some reason.  

“Once I find a central location I may be able to find those involve.”  

“Okay sound good to me. Theo?”  

“I like it. The social experts interviewing, the science experts processing.  Well meet at Professor Miller place, if that is okay with you, sir?”  

Miller nodded his head in agreement.   

“Its 9:30 now we will meet up later on tonight at 6:00 P.M. with our results.  I won’t lie to you guys we’re going to be undertaking is going to be dangerous even if we’re just investigating. So be careful.”  

I smiled inside.  I know we all had our differences in helping Professor Miller with the case.  I knew the dangers that were ahead and wasn’t scared.  I’m never scared.  Whoever was behind killing kids, their parents, and for kidnapping these young women was going to pay. Or I would die trying. 

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