Lust: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: 


Pirithous choked Joan and we couldn’t break free. My own boyfriend, Tyrique, held me. I wasn’t in love with him, but I felt like we were getting there. I didn’t want to commit because I was still flirting with David. Right now though, Tyrique wasn’t acting himself. I could see that a blue glow was around him.

“Ty, you’re hurting me! Let me go!” I pleaded struggling against him.

“Just shut up and watch.” He tightened his hold on me. I was afraid he would crush me. His bear hug smothered my chest with his huge arms.

I started to regret not staying with the professor inside. David wanted me to, but I couldn’t let him face this alone. My arms were pin to my sides and I was losing energy with fighting back.

The campus seemed deserted. No one was coming to help us. I noticed the more ghosts in the area the colder it was. Ty felt like an iceman against my body.

I thought about why I came. I knew most people saw me as gullible, but I’m stronger than they think. When David, Rita, and their friends were going to come out here I didn’t want to be left alone. Not after watching their friend die in front of us. How could I not help out, that is the very point of being Christian. My faith is everything and I needed to help them both physically and emotionally. Right now I prayed that God forgave me for trusting the professor who prayed to another god and marked us with these matching tattoos on our right hands.  Mine was a yellow spear with reefs around it. 

He mentioned our gatekeepers or guardian angels would guide us. I’m praying that he is right, because it looks like I’ll be meeting God with the ways things are going. I still couldn’t believe we’ve seen two ghosts. I actually shook Pirithous hand when Ty introduce me. 

My eyes were getting heavy. Is this how I would die? I didn’t get the chance to work God’s plan. Was this God’s plan? I guess I’m about to find out as my eyes finally closed.

“You’re not dying, at least not yet.” a voice said. I opened my eyes and was in a room. Where did I go? Where was everyone else. The room was my dream kitchen. A large stove, pantry, refrigerator. The lights were bright but not too intense. The tiled flooring was clean. Big enough for me to cook for and feed a family of five.

“Who’s there?” I called out.

“I’m here” A small, yellow glow with wings appeared in front of me. The glow morphed into water and into a female fairy.  Her small body looked like flowing water. In a weird way her watery features looked like me, if I was made from water.  Except her eyes were almond shape and dominates her face. There wasn’t any real semblance of a nose and her mouth was the next biggest feature.

“Who are you?

“I’m your gatekeeper.” 

“Are you a demon?”

“No, and I’m not a guardian angel either, Professor Ford just told you that to make it easier on you to accept me. I’m your conscience.”

“My conscience?”

“Yeah, how can I explain it to you. You know how you make decisions and think to yourself? I’m who you are talking too. Only psychics have the ability to talk to their conscience. We act like white blood cells for psychic related stuff.” She sounded so bubbly, I guess this is how others saw me too. I smiled a little.

“Well, then, you are like a guardian angel.” 

“If that helps, then yeah, but now that we are connected, the important thing is you can use me yourself. I’m your guide and your protector.”

“How do I do that?”

“See as your gatekeeper, I’m the real bridge between you and the spiritual.  Thanks to Ford we can now communicate on a personal level, but you can use our miracle ability.

“Miracle? Good that’s what we need right now.” I said looking out the windows. The light outside was brighter than inside the kitchen. “Why are we in a kitchen?”

“This is your idealized place, Shantel.” she flew to my right shoulder. “But let’s stay focus. Your miracle is called empathy.”

“I have that already.” 

“Yes, everyone has it, but yours is supernatural. We can feel the emotions of others from far away. 

“How does that help me now?”

“That’s up to you to find out. All I know is what our miracle is called.  Ford could explain the rest to you. If you want me to let him in. He could of forced his way in since he bonded with you.

“He’s here?” 

“Sure is!” I’ve been keeping him at bay, but he’s powerful. Should I let him in?

I really wasn’t sure if I should let the professor into my subconscious. I felt that if we were to get out of trouble though, that I needed to trust my gatekeeper and him. The door to outside was a off white, large, and seemed to be made of wood. The knob was yellow and I notice that the accents around the kitchen were yellow. 

“Let him in.” I said.

Professor Ford walked in from a door that looks like it lead outside. He must have had a surprise look on my face. “It’s about time. I thought you would be the hardest to convince since you’re so religious. 

“What does that mean?” how could he be rude at a time like this. “Where is everyone else?”

“As far I can tell they have all made contact with their gatekeepers. I ‘m visiting them as we speak.” He sat at the head of the dining room table. I never met him before today, but he seemed to really care about that woman Joan. He also seemed determined to win this fight despite being hurt. He was dressed differently here. He had a black suit, white collared shirt, and a red tie. 

“Visiting?”  I asked. How could he be here and in their minds too? Maybe that is his miracle or something. 

“I’ll explain later, we don’t have much time. The man holding you is possessed and the ghost possessing him is trying to enter your mind. The same thing is happening to the others. I unlocked your psychic abilities so that your gatekeepers could prevent your psychic energies from being drained. Did your gatekeeper tell you what your ability is?”


“Hmm. Good. It’s not superstrength, but it can be useful in our situation. I need you to reach out and contact the others.”

“I can do that?”

“You’re going to have to visualize your power, feel the energy, and send it out to everyone.”

I looked at my gatekeeper who smiled back at me. Visualize my power, that would be her. I closed my eyes and I could feel a rush of power. How can I spread her though.

“Try thinking about your hobbies, what comes natural to you?”

“Focus on one person, see if you can feel their emotion.” I heard Ford through my concentration. “I focused on David and I could feel…love. He loved me? I don’t know if I should feel happy or guilty. I knew we liked each other, I just thought he didn’t like me enough to ask me out on a date. 

“I found David.”

“Good now make a connection.” she said. “And then do that for everyone.”

“I visualize doorways and they appeared throughout my kitchen. Each doorway had a picture of who I was trying to connect with. I could feel their fears, anger, sadness and it was becoming too much. I was about to give up when each door opened.

“Shantel!” David ran and hugged me. The rest all gathered around the table. 

“Where are we?” Rita asked.

“You all need to focus on the objective right now. We’re inside Shantel’s mind. She’s connecting us with her power. Each of you made contact with your gatekeepers. I’m surprised, but we’re not out of trouble yet. Your captors are psychics as well, but they’re possessed by other ghosts. Weak ones at that, but they and their hosts are part of Pirithous favor.  He claimed he can control time, but Joan has determined he can only do it for 5 seconds. We have to hit him hard and fast.”

“Dr. Ford,” David sounded nervous, his whole body was shaking. I wasn’t use to seeing him like this. He was always appeared to be comfortable, but I guess I never had the chance to see him in other situations. We only see each other when I was working at the smoothie bar, in the laundry room, or at bible study. We did hang out once and went to a bookstore, but that was it.  “Each of us is being restrained, but they have two more to their numbers. We have to make sure we take them out too.”

He took one look at me and his body language changed. He had a different look in his eyes now. Then I felt the fear in him. My miracle was in synch with him. The fear was being pushed aside by anger. I couldn’t describe how I knew that.

“We will.” Ford said walking over and tapping David on the shoulder. “Good eye, boy, and here I thought you were going to be a coward. I need all of you to to focus.  I can get us out of this. I just need to know your abilities. 

“My gatekeeper told me mine was Weather Control.” Rita said as she stood by me. Good old Rita acted like she was everyone’s mother. “We can do this if we all work together. David won’t let us down.” 

“I think we should just follow Dr. Ford’s strategy.”  David responded with a small smile. He looked like he didn’t’ believe her. “Mine is Vibration Emission.”

Everyone else introduce themselves and what their abilities were. Ford stroked his dark beard before speaking. “We have an interesting mix. David and Rita, it seems your miracles are best suited for taking on multiple targets. Once I free all of you, you two need to use those abilites to distract them. Crystal and Aakash your abilities are best suited for taking him on so he can’t use his ability. By that time I should have enough energy to take them out.”

“Well what are we waiting for?” Crystal seem like she was one of those girls that would punch you for looking at her wrong. I could see that David, Aakash, and her had a strong bond. 

“Return to your minds and visualize your abilities. Shantel I need you for a second. Once you all reawaken I will give you the signal.” 

The others all return through the doors they came through. As each door disappeared, Ford came to me. 

“The same way you contacted them, I need you to do that with Pirithous and his gang, but I need you to weaponize it.”

“How can I do that?” I had a hard enough time sending out the doors to David and the others. Now he wants me to send those to our captors. 

“How are you visualizing your ability?” 

“With, um. Doors.” 

He paused and look at me like I was crazy. “Imagine breaking down those doors. It seem that your doors channel your emotions. Focus your fear, sadness, whatever you are feeling and focus it into an attack. Otherwise, David and Rita won’t be able to do their part.”

“I’ll try.” I closed my eyes and focused the energies into the targets. I could feel their emotions through each door. Sort of like feeling heat from the other side of a door in a fire. I thought about how these ghosts were using Tyrique. How they killed David’s friend. Attacking us. I focused my rage and 12 red doors appears surrounded by a golden yellow light. 

“There you go. Now I can defeat them. I’ll leaving to give the rest of them the signal. Soon as I leave you send those doors at them hard.” With that he went through his doorway. 

“Well now that they are all gone, it’s just the two us again.” my gatekeeper said. “Ready to send those doors their way?”

I looked at her and then at the doors. I knew people thought I was soft, I’m sure that what these ghost were thinking off when they attacked us, but they didn’t know me. They didn’t’ know that there’s apart of me that loves fighting. They were going to learn not to mess with my mind. 

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