Lust: Chapter 1

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Chapter 1:

Brian Ford

“The autopsy on the Wagners came in. Travis Wagner was sodomized and we also found the presence of sperm.  His head, or what’s left of it, was eaten.  The lab couldn’t identify the animal, but the bites looks like they could of been human.  The unsub also raped his wife, Sarah, but with an object.  She was killed with poisoned, tox reports say it was from a flower.  Their poor son Logan, he died from asphyxia and his wind pipes were crushed.  Somebody choked him to death and there was presence of semen.”

Joan sat across from me at the table eating her steak.  She wore a black suit with a matching skirt, white collared shirt, and a blue neck tab.  Her brown hair came to her chin in the front and her shoulders in the back. Her earrings were a pair of golden wings. She wasn’t bothered with the details she gave me.  After all she’s seen worse. Far worse.

“That’s disgusting.” I said, eating my steak, bloody, what was the point of having cooked meat? I like everything rare. “Did the semen samples match?”

“No, sir.” Joan sipped her tea. “The semen had a glow though. A light purple.”


“Looks that way, sir.”

“Joan, call me Brian”

“Okay, sir,” she paused, “Brian. The unsub clearly is a psychic.”

“True.  They weren’t alone though. Even though there is one sample. There is no way the unsub rapged and murdered the whole family by himself.  “No witnesses?”

“None.  We don’t have any evidence of anyone else being there. It’s possible that this mortal unsub had a telekinesis miracle.”

I looked around at the patrons eating dinner with their families. Everybody enjoying their time together. Others locked into their phones or other gadgets.  Totally unaware of the secret world that lies in the shadows. They are unaware of the evils like this unsub.  Was he targeting families or just the Wagners? 

“That could be true, but the pattern is different with each member.  The dad was was eaten, mom poisoned, the child choked.  If they had telekinesis, the pattern would most likely be the same.  You’re dealing with multiple unsubs.  Worse. Mortal unsubs with psychic abilities.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”  Joan said, “They must of knew the unsub too, because there was no sign of forced entry.”

“Unless you’re dealing with a teleporter.”

“This case isn’t going to be easy. Damn miracles.” Joan placed her forked and knife down on our table. She gave a heavy sigh and looked around the room.  “This is the fourth family in the past two months.”

I almost, almost spit out my tea. “The fourth family? You’re dealing with a serial rapist and murderer. A group of them.”

“God, I hope not, but if we are, then we need to find them soon.”

“You will, you’re always win.” I smiled and went back to eating. “The pattern has been the same?”

“Yes,  down to the very fine detail.  Turns out that the unsub is kidnapping the daughters.  The pattern is the same.  Father, mother, older daughter, and a younger son.  

“They must really hate families, I hate profiling, but you’re dealing with someone with extreme family issues.” I said

Joan nodded her head.  I’m pretty sure in agreement.  She always took my word as law.  That’s why I recruited her back before I retired.

“You know I trust you.” She said. “That’s why imagine my surprise when I was assigned here and found out that my retired partner is hiding out in Bordentown.  You couldn’t have picked a better spot.  

“What do you want from me?” I asked.

“There is a shortage of agents at Allied Rogers.”

“Mortals and Spirits?”

“Yes. We had to decommissioned agents from both sides. We’re spread so thin now, that the senior supervisors are back to doing field work.”

“Is there any reason?”

“Violating policies, not enough pay, too risky.  Then you have Agent Groover who is now a fugitive suspected of killing his wife.  She was supposed to be assigned here, but, well can’t be assigned if you’re dead.”



“How did he kill her?” Groover was tough. I should know, he helped raised me.  Before I became stronger than him.  His wife, Lucy, was tougher than most people realize. She took over my post after I retired.  

“The body, her body, wasn’t found.”

“Then how do you know she’s really dead?”

“To be honest, we don’t. For her sake I hope she didn’t go A.W.O.L. Then again, if the reports are true.”

“What reports?” I asked. The lighting of the room started to dim as the evening went on. Joan stroked her fingers through her hair to the back. 

“Well she filed reports that Groover hit her. He, of course, denied it. The case went to trail. She recanted the story, but the jury still decided he was innocent. The next day, a neighbor heard screaming from their house. The police were called and when they entered they found Groover covered in her blood. The theory is that he was mad at her and murdered her. She hasn’t been in contact with her family, friends, or any of us.”

“It’s not uncommon for beaten victims to disappear and start a new life somewhere else.” I said.

“I know, Brian, you hate theories just as much as I do. Even if that was the case, he was covered in her blood. Enough blood to take up half the human body according to the lab.”

“How did he escape?” I looked her in her bright bronze eyes.  Usually she was full of life. Now there was…nothing. They were cold as the air outside. 

“When agents were sent to arrest him, The furies attacked and he escaped in the chaos.”

“They still call themselves furies? How traditional.” I said. I press my fingers together and bringing them to my lip. I knew of the furies. They were like Joan, three women, dedicated professionally to Groover. I didn’t know Allied Rogers was in the state it was in. Not that I cared. I retired for a reason.

“True. That still doesn’t tell me what you want with me.”

“I’m going to be staying here for awhile.  There has been an increase in illegal immigration from the astral plane. Bordentown seems to be the Mexico border of the spiritual world.”


“We’re worried that terrorists will be able to flee to Earth.” She said placing her own hands in her lap.  

“How about you work with me, I’ll put your ho-, you, on retainer with the police department. Your knowledge and experience would help us out, especially since there is no other paranormal agents here.”

“Joan. I retired for a reason. I will admit that working as an archeology professor can be boring, but I get to travel when I want too.  No more having to travel from state to state policing ghosts, mortals, or psychics. I’ll leave that to you young guys.”

“You are not fooling me.  You chose Bordentown, a town that you know is located near the Purgatory line. You’re hoping to deal with things your way.”

“My way?” I put my hand to my chest. What did she mean by that? I never was a hot head. Pragmatic maybe, but not a hot head.

“Yes. Your way!” She raised her voice.  “Worse you’re hiding behind your handicap.”

“This body came this way.” I said. Trying to keep myself under control. She must of forgotten who I was. 

Joan pinched the bridge of her nose with thumb and fingers. I haven’t seen her this frustrated in a long time. We stared at each other. 

“Joan, we’ve been through many…conflicts.  I had to leave Allied Rogers. I couldn’t deal with…”

“The death of your children.” she said her voice was a little above a whisper. She sat theri searching for something in me. I don’t know what she was looking for. Hope? 

The cool air from outside reached our table from the families leaving.  I could see my son and I walking out the door. Never again. I couldn’t find him in either world. He was lost to me.  No, that’s not right. I’m lost without him.  Without them.

“That’s part of it, maybe most of it, but I can’t command others if my head isn’t in the game.” I told her in a whisper of my own. 

“You blame yourself for the lost of our team?” She look shocked and gathered herself. “That wasn’t your fault.”

“Regardless, I don’t want to come back.  I’m dealing with everything okay now.” I said and rolled my wheelchair back from the table.  I put money down to cover our dinner cost. Joan stood and walked over to help me with my coat. I almost forgotten how tall she was. The last present I received from my children. 

She went to put on her coat and followed me to the door ramp. “I’m sorry. I thought by now, you, I mean you of all of us would of been…healed.”

“Time doesn’t heal all wounds.” I said. We went out the doors into the cold of autumn. The winds were strong enough to make the weaker trees move. The town was quiet, saved for the whispers of the wind. The winds brought Joan’s scent to me. A sweet smell, I couldn’t smell her perfume inside. Too many aromas from dinner and people mixed together. For a brief moment, I felt a little joy. Very brief.

“I thought. I could use your help.  I’m one person and I don’t know any of these mortals. Finding a psychic is going to be hard if they aren’t actively using their abilities.”

“Oh, you would be surprise. I have three strong mortals who are unaware of their psychic abilities.  You just have to find one who can help you.”

“I want you to help me.” She placed a hand on my shoulder and I could feel the warmth returning to both of us.  I looked at her. Despite her frustrations and coldness, there was the sense of hope, determination. I’ve never known her to give up, she was victory personified.  That’s why I recruited her in the first place. She never gave up, she was too competitive for that. The only reason why she was receding now, was that she had a job to do. Like she said earlier, she was the only psychic around without me.  The case involved another psychic or a group of psychics.  She was the only one who could solve this case. She reminded me so much of my daughter.  She fixed my long brown coat. She bundled her coat some more, before walking around her car. A very sleek, compact, silver car. 

“I can. I can advise you, nothing more.” I rubbed my hand back and forth on top of my head, eyes closed. 

“I need more than your advice. I need you.” She said getting into her car.  She rolled down the window of the passenger side to look at me one last time. The air felt like a fan was blowing against my skin. Flapping my clothes and pushing against my chair with the force of small children.   She was still looking at me. Looking for hope. Looking to see if she was victorious and won me over. A part of me wants to help. This unsub needed to be stopped and until she finds them they will kill and rape again. There will be blood, lots of it, and that alone made me want to help. The call of battle, the challenge, but I couldn’t give in to my urges. No, she can’t win this time. I had to let her go. Just like I let my team, Allied Rogers, my children, and my wife go. I won’t fail anyone ever again. This was her fight now, not mine. 

“The last thing you need,” I paused. “Is me.”

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