Chapter 8: Kevin

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Chapter 8

I walked into my own mindscape. My gatekeeper told me before I left that this dimension is part of my subconscious. I If my life wasn’t in danger, I would love this place

“I’m back” I called out to him.

My gatekeeper flew around my head. His face looked like me, but with bigger eyes. His fairy wings were glowing a lime green.  His body was made from metal. He didn’t have legs, his bottom was that of a snake. I couldn’t stand him really,  he seemed too dopey.

“What took you so long?”

“Ford was giving us a meeting in Shantel’s mindscape.”

Before I left, my dream keeper told me that everyone has a mindscape. A dimension that represents and resembles the person. I went over to the large oven. Shantel’s minds cape was a kitchen. Mine? A bakery. 

The bakery was a large set.  One you would see on those cooking shows.  A panel where Judges would sit. Two areas for baking. (Research Cupcake Wars). The freezers had stickers of my favorite bands. The room even smelled like a bakery.

“Still amazes me that my inner world, minds cape, is a bakery.”

“You love baking.”

“I didn’t like writing as much as I thought I would.”

“well at least you know your passion, most people don’t.

“Great, at least I can die happy.”

“So, what’s the plan? when you’re in another minds cape, our connection isn’t strong.”

“We’re going to wait for Ford to give us a signal, then David and Rita are going to use their miracles.”


“then we use our miracles to fight. I just wish I knew how to use ours. Mine.”

“yeah, your miracle is pretty lame. All I can do is transfer your abilities into others.”

“There has to be a way to weaponize it.”

“That’s your job, not mine, I just provide the power.”

“Well I guess it’s time.” I opened my eyes, the physical ones. Everyone lifted their heads signaling that we all returned to our normal vision. Nobody struggled against our captors.Mine was the guy, Roy, who was with dorothy earlier in Crystal’s room. He was only a couple of inches taller than me. Not hard to do, since I was only barely over five feet. He reeked of alcohol and weed. His beard matched his curly hair which rubbed against my neck.

I looked over at Lauren. She was my friend and I think I was the only one who knew her. David seem to have recognize her too. She was being held by Tyr, who was also with Dorothy. The one who called that poor girl Bianca a slut. Lauren was the only one still struggling. I wondered why Shantel didn’t reach out to her. Maybe she had a limit to the number of people she could have in her mindscape. Lauren didn’t scream but she was doing all she could to escape Tyra’s hold. How long is this symbol going to take?I felt helpless, how can I help her?

or the others? I hate being trapped. Trapped by Roy, trapped by a useless miracle. I tried to act like this wasn’t fazing me by making narcotics responses, but truth is, I’m scared. All I wanted to do in life was to make cool things. I guess

 I was like a mad scientist. That’s why my minds cape is a bakery. The cheerleader Danielle, had Ares at gunpoint. How would he give us the signal? He looked at Shantel and Rita who both nodded. David gave a quick one and then Ford spoke to Pirithous.

“Last chance, give yourself up, or”

“Or what?” Pirithous laughed and went around the circle. Touching each of us with his hand. He stopped at Ford. “What are you going to do?”

Ford smiled,”Not me. Her.”

Without warning I saw Shantel’s eye glow yellow and each captor grabbed their heads.

“Such anger!” Lars screamed as he hit the ground with his knees. Grabbing his head like he was blocking out noise.

“Make it stop!” The rest of them mimic his motions.

“Move!” Ford yelled. The rest of us move from the circle except for Rita. I never met her before, but she seem to be needy. The way she stayed close to David and Shantel. Almost as if she couldn’t stand to be by herself. I was wrong because she stood there facing them. Her eyes glowing a bright orange. She raised her left hand as if she was serving a volleyball and swung her other hand to spike it towards the ground. A large gust of air spread from the circle where they were. Slamming them to the ground from their knees. Even Pirithous was taken of guard.

“David, grab the gun!” I watched as David took the gun that dropped from Danielle’s hands. He pointed it at Pirithous. His arm was shaking, but he pulled the trigger with his eyes glowing with blue light. The same color light shot out from the pistol. Striking Pirihous in the chest.

“Go Now!” Ford commanded. Each of us went to capture them.

Lars struggled standing himself back up. He was dressed in khaki shorts with holes in them. A plain white tee.  I guess the cold doesn’t affect potheads. His cyan glowing eyes focused on me. Time seem to stand still as everyone started fighting.. He charged at me. Throwing a punch with his right hand. I manage to grab it. Not bad for someone who hasn’t fought since kindergarten. I tried to punch him with my left, but he pulled away. The next two punches missed him as well. I figure he would be faster than me, but it seem like he knew what I was going to do  before I did it. 

“Guess you’re wondering how I knew what you were going to do, huh? it’s simple really, my miracle is translation.”

“You can translate bullshit?

“No, my miracle lets me translate any language. Including body language. I can see your attacks.” He put his fists up. He sounded like he won that fight already I could hear the laughter in his voice. I stuck my middle finger up. 

“read this, asshole.”

“loud and clear, mario” I attacked and again I missed. 

My movements were getting slower. I had to think of a way to land a hit. He came at me again with another fury of punches. I manage to block them, but I was using more energy than he was, it was only a matter of time before he won. he knew that too. Stupid miracle of mine.

“How come you aren’t using your miracle?” he said between punches.

“Mine is transferring my own power into others, not exactly an advantage here” 

 I kept blocking his punches, my arms bruising from his hits. 

“Sucks for you” he kept the onslaught up. I needed a way to distract him and went to grab his incoming blow. His cockiness was making him repeat his attacks in the same pattern. I managed to grab his other hand. I could hear my wrestling coach from high school.  Now that we were in a grapple I reached out with my ability. I felt a little weak as I focused my strength into him. 

“What are you doing?” he struggle to get out of the hold. He got sloppy which is why I was able to get a good grip on him and he could read my motions, but not my mind. 

“I’m giving you some of my strength.” He stepped back as the yellow energy faded

 away.  “I don’t want it!”

A yellow circle spread from his feet. The word strength appear within it. Electricity pulsing around it and around him. He arched his body backward like he was stretching. Looking at both his hands then at me. I took time to touch my watch. The same yellow energy charge into it.  I hope my experiment works, what I was  trying is crazy, but if it works. My gatekeeper said  that my miracle works on intelligent, sentient beings. Computers were somewhat artificially intelligent. 

“I feel stronger.” he said, “That was the worse move in the history of fighting ever. Making your opponent stronger.” He approached me, hate in his eyes. “Time for me to finish this.”

I guess my idea didn’t’ work, no machines, if I lived through this that will be something to remember. I was too tired to fight back and prepare to try and block him. My watch unlatched and began to fall to the ground. During the fall the strap split into two still attached to the lug. the two straps had folded into feet while the buckle mimic the motion of the strap, but became arms and hands.  A head formed from the log.

The watch landed on the ground while bracing itself with one hand. It looked at Lars, who stopped his approach.   

“What the ” he didn’t’ get to finish the sentence as the clock like robot arms became a cannon and fired energy at him. He took the hit into the chest.

“It burns.”

“Well it’s not supposed to tickle.” I said regaining my wind.

What do you know, I can make robots. The clocklike robot kept firing. It had the same yellow circle beneath its feet.

“Die, die, die!” it’s voice sounded like the beeps it would make when I would start or stop my watch. Just when I thoughts I had the upper hand, Lars started to dodge the attacks. 

“I can read computer languages too.” He weaved in between shots, moving closer to my new robot buddy. I felt something different about me. I felt like I was moving with him and I was firing shots at him. A side effect of my ability. He was going to crush my watch. I really loved that watch. My parents bought it for me. I reached back with my hand Lars cried out in pain and dropped to his knees again. The yellow circle beneath gone. He panted and looked my way.

“What did you do to me.”

“I took my strength back.”  I said as he dodged a blast at the very last second. 

“Listen, I have two ways of beating you. Your power is useless if you can’t reach me. I took up position behind my watch buddy. It kept firing.

“I told you, I can read it, it has to move, I’ll get to both you. Just as soon as I catch my breath.”

“No, you won’t.” I said pulling my cell phone from my pocket. He had a worried look as he ran to find cover. My phone transformed just like the watch did. I noticed it took a sleeker, feminine form.

“Where does he think he’s going?” the cellphone voice sounded like the crystal ringtone I used for my timer. She morphed a cannon from it’s hand too.

“Just keep firing!” I said “flank him from both sides.” They ran to opposite sides and he was forced to come up the middle, but he could only move forward so much before they were behind him. He can only read us from the front.  He kept trying to keep out of their shots and keep all of us in front. I was winning this fight, who knew that my mad scientist brain would come in handy. 

“You can’t hit me either.” I yelled.

“If you do, I’ll transfer power into you and just take it back.”

“I should of stayed and  in my dorm and smoke the rest of my weed.”

 We had him cornered behind a tree.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” Rubbing my forearms, I changed my mind, “I do want to hurt you, but only because you messed my arms up. 

“Just wait until Pirithous wakes up.” 

“I rather not.” The three of us rushed where he was. He jumped from behind the tree and over the watch, aiming to take a kick at me. It never connected as my phone blasted him from the air. I ran over and punching him in the face with all my might. He stopped moving, but his chest was still breathing. I won. 

“That’s for helping kill Crystal’s friend, taking Lauren hostage, and being a douche. I didn’t really win. My robots won, but right now I have to help Lauren. 

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