Writing a Graphic Novel: My Plan, Your Plan, Our Plan.

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Writing, in and of itself is difficult. Most people talk about writing a screenplay, novel, or comic book. I’m sure you heard this statements. “If only I had time”, “If I had a good idea”, “If I can afford an artist.” These people often don’t realize what it takes. They think becasue they took and pass English in high school or college, it makes them credible. If only they had time? If they really wanted to write, then they could. The simple fact of the matter is writing, no matter the project, takes dedication, creativity, and of course passion.

I will be including excersises with chpaters to help you with developing characters, plot, and setting. Although you can read the following posts or pages in any order, it’s best to read it normally. Chapter by chapter. We will cover planning your comic becasue you need to know where you are going. This includes character design and setting design. Researching is also another crucial part of planning.

We will cover art. No, I won’t be teaching how to draw, ink, color, or letter a comic. However, knowing how to writer so that those specialist can do their jobs correctly is an important part of being a comic writer. More oftern than not, if this is your comic, than you will be the leader, the director. and you need to understand how your job affects theirs.

Then we will go over writing. We will talk plot, structure, and the overall story. You know you have one in you! Yes, there is a formula, but dont’ worry true believers, there is tons of ways to be creative while following the 15 beats you will learn. Remember, be a mad scienctist, but you still have to learn the basics, before you can break any rules.

We will then go into the different genres Blake Snyder developed. These are not your traditional genres like fantasy, horror, or mysteries. Even though some of the Save the Cat genres do fit perfectly into traditional genres.

Publishing and marketing your comic will be our last topic. I’m not guaranteeing that your book will sell, but I will offer ways to promote your book and get it into the hands of readers.

Before we can do any of that though, the one promise I can make is that you will have a finish comic, at the very least, a finished comic script. This will make you one of the brave, one of the bold, one of the few who had the time, dedication, and idea to write a comic. No longer will you be one of the crowd wishing they could. With anything in life, if you stick with it, the money will come. Love what you do first. Learn what you can. Keep writing. and do what others only dream of doing.

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2 thoughts on “Writing a Graphic Novel: My Plan, Your Plan, Our Plan.
  1. Stuart Danker

    This is so true, that if you can’t do something big, at least do a part of it first. After all, finishing huge projects like entire graphic novels involve those small tasks anyway, so why not get them done? Thanks for this post!

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