Thanksgiving 2020

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I’m thankful for all of you. 2020 for me, has been mostly a blessing. Yes, I know, for some it hasn’t, and I feel sorry for those who have lost their lives to Covid, jobs, and homes. I’m not here to be political or gloat. I want to show my appreciation for all that I do have and all that I will gain.
I’m thankful to God for providing for me, even when my faith may not be the strongest at times. I’m thankful for the creativity you have given me and I know you want me to great things with my writing. I’m putting my faith in you and I’m working hard on making those projects a realization
For my country because we still have a long way to go, but I believe in our ideals. I would give up my life to protect my country and if I could serve again, I would.
I’m thankful for my family and friends who are still healthy.
Terrsitea Snipes and my aunt, Velma Snipes, thank you for your continued wisdom, being single mothers and raising men is hard and we may not show it all the time, but we are all thankful to have you as our mothers. To my sisters, Calista Freeman and Shawneice Hall for being there for support. My brothers Carlos and Joseph, Joe in particular for his words of encouragement. My dad Joesph Jenkins and Tony Freeman.
Christina Beckford, my girlfriend, my best friend, my teammate. I’m thankful for the love and patience you have for me and how you motivate me to be better. I’m also thankful for your family, for putting their trust in us. You are my peace on Earth. I’mdoing my best to lead spiritually and emotionally to protect us and be a role model for Josiah.
My boys Curtis Williams, James H Winston, James Gaither, Hemal Patel, Anthony C Ebede, Jean Pierre Pinto, Kevin Culliton, Isham Xavier for making life entertaining. Look forward to hearing from you on Fridays in some capacity.
To my sisters and brothers in Christ, Lord knows I’m glad we are all back in communication, I love you Living Branch Ministries: Keanna Ralph, Rachael Olusola Jackson, Keisha Fletcher-Breaker II, Diana Desmornes, Nicole N. Sweeney, Lavonne Nichols, Nichelle Frazier-Bennett, Stephanie Dauphin, Ro Se, Leah Steward.
To my spiritual mentors and fathers Darryl Washington and Stanley D. Williams, who are always there for me when I feel lost spiritually and are constant reminders in my spirit to trust God with my talents. Tony Dungy, you don’t know me, but you are another spiritual father and mentor in my life.
To everyone who is supporting my projects, thank you, you are helping make the dream come true. Andrew Noel Myrie, Chris Bretz. Chantay Smith, Tanya Tee, Portia Liardo, Chike O’Neil, Kefa Gary, Tiffany Mulero, Jorge Kenshin Pimentel, Paul Boone, Devin L. Steward, Raphael Poetic Fuentes, @Shamekalang. Who lent their voices for characters, general support, or financially.
Greg Burnham, and David Dreamkeepers Comic. Thank you for being a mentor as I go into being a comic book creator and writer. My artist for Favor of Athena, Richard Capullo. For my other inspirational creators: Marvel, DC Comics, Tyler Perry, Peter David, Greg Pak,
I hope everyone, regardless of their situation or views, has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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