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Goals are important, without goals, do you know where you are going?

Now, I know some individuals are free spirits. That’s cool. However, for the majority of us we have goals to guide us because going with the flow and being happy, may not be enough.

In December of 2018, I made a bold statement for myself. To pursue writing.Now I will admit, at the time it was more about novel writing. I was still working as a Special Education Teacher and a Barista at Barnes & Noble. I loved both jobs, but writing has been the one constant in my life. Next to art, writing is what distracts me from the world. I bought different books on writing. Article writing, comic book writing, writing for children books. I didn’t know what kind of writer I wanted to be, but I knew I wanted to be a writer.

April 2019, I was informed I wouldn’t be returning as a teacher. Missing my tenure by three months. Around that time, my relationship ended and I moved out of the townhouse and back to my mother’s. The goal was to find a new career, rebuild my credit, and save for my own house, WHILE pursuing writing. I started researching schools becasue I need structure and I thrive on deadlines. I happened to come across Full Sail Univeristy and thought there Creative Writing Program was what i was looking for.

I made the decision between New Media Journalism and Creative writing in November of 2019, deciding to go with the graduate program in creative writing. A year later, I now have a Master of Fine Arts.

My heroes journey reconnected me with my love of comics. I know that is my niche and what I will be building upon. That little nugget came in my Multimedia Adapation class where I was one of two students who adapted a flction story into a comic book script. I also paid to have one page done. I also had to interview others in creative writing fields. I reached out to Greg Burnham, writer and co-creator of Tuskgeee Heirs. He accepted and now I contact him weekly for advice.

September 2020 I decided to turn Favor of Ares into Favor of Athena and relaunch it as a webcomic. The novel, which only earned 90 reads on Wattpad, was always intended to be a comic. I found an artist on Fiverr and now we are producing 2 pages a month for the series. Why two pages? I’m not afraid to tell you that it’s all I can afford to pay Richard. I launched a Patreon for the comic and we are now generating $70 of the $90 goal. I was only going to publish the comic on Patreon as an exlsuive, but I’m thinking of releasing the pages on Webtoon to continue building an audience for the Patreon. I also joined several Facebook groups to interact with other creatives and promote the book when I can.

I’m still not a full-time writer yet, but everything looks promising. I’m contracted with DMDouble games to write a comic book script. I landed a script consultant position with Baez Catalyst and Writing Coaching Services.

What’s next?

Angel Protocols, Book 1: Genesis has over 100 reads on Wattpad. I will be editing the book and sending query letters out.

Clockwork Knights, Book 1: Binary also has over 100 reads on Wattpad. I will be editing the first draft of the book and sending query letters out.

Favor of Athena: my webcomic will be published on WebToon and Wattpad. Patreon will be used to help continue produce the comic. Tell your friends 🙂

I’m converting my short films into comic book scripts.

Pitching my short films to undergrads to get produced.

I will continue to promote my gigs on Fiverr. So far had two clients who were successful in their goals. One who was accepting into their gradate school of choice, after I proofread and suggested improvements to their essay. The other, who bought my resume writing service, landed a job as a security officier after being unemployed for over a year.

2020 has been an interesting year, but with the work I’m receiving, creating, and now with a degree that I never thought about pursuing. I can say, I’m a writer.

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