My Nerdy Writing Life #6

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Man, graduate school takes most of my time outside of work. Here we are issue 6 after three to four months. I’m going to use the list formatting for all issues going forward. Here are some changes form last issue.

  1. I will be graduating soon, next Wednesday to be exact. Master of Fine Art in Creative Writing with a 3.8/4.0.
  2. I found out I have over 100 reads for two of my novels on Wattpad!
  3. I was hired to write a comic book for DMDouble Comics
  4. I started a webcomic and hired an artist.
  5. I’m adapting my short film scripts into comic book versions. Each project on my showcase page will have a short film, comic book, and short story version.
  6. I’m lettering my own webcomic and will offer lettering services
  7. I have 4 subscribers for $70 of the $90 goal for the year of 2021.
  8. I now have a query letter template for my novels
  9. I have a story project list
  10. I have several writers interested in being interviews by me.

Finally living another dream of mine, being paid as a comic book writer. Tonight I finished my outline brainstorm for my supervisor. Very fun stuff! I hope you are all doing something you love!

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