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I know this is going to sound petty. I had a friend put up a post about how people don’t support your business Now, I’m not coming at anybody, really, I’m not. If I make it as a writer of any kind, sell a movie, etc….and then you support me…cool. However, please don’t ask for handouts when and if I make it…if you don’t see my value, that’s cool, I understand. But for those of you who have financially supported me, for those who haven’t asked for free copies once the novels and comic are done…for those of you who understand that as an artist and writer, I need to eat and support myself. Thank you! I will have a new Patreon coming soon and Kickstarters for the following:1. Favor of Ares (Comic Book/future plans: animation/film)2.Head 2 Head (Mobile Video Game…getting a prototype done)So, stay tune and again. Thank you.#teamjenkins #beterrific #writer #director #blerd #comicbookwriter

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