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Well, I feel I found myself as a writer. I will focus on becoming a comic book writer. In the next few days, I will be converting my short film scripts into comic book scripts.

I’m trying to budget so I can have an artist to work on my books. This will affect publishing. The goal, going forward, is to do a page a month. The main series I will focus on is Favor of Ares. Yes, I changed it back, too many creators have used Sleepwalkers.

My target audience is still young adults. The genre will be urban fantasy for the most part.

If money isn’t an issue, I will try to publish more than one page a month, but going foward, that is the plan.

I don’t know when I plan to publish. I’m looking at November, as I’m still editing the series.

My YouTube channel will have reaction videos to cartoons and anime that were adapted from comic books and manga.

I’m deleting my previous Patreon, and will have multiple Patreon accounts for each series.

Oh, I’m also going to be doing the lettering in most of the projects as well.

Head to Head, the video game I’m developing, is moving into the first prototype stage. I can’t share more than that, but if you’re interested, stay tuned, because there will be a Kickstarter and Patreon for it, and then we can share more.

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