Mastery Journal: Multimedia Adaptation

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This is one of the classes I looked forward to taking. We had two options. We could adapt a short story, The Gift of the Magi, into a short film script. Creating a comic book script from a flash fiction we wrote earlier in the year was the second option. I chose to adapt my flash fiction series, S.P.O.T. (Special Police Operations Team) into a comic script.

The story, The Response, is a story that follows Clyde after his partner, Wade, was shot. In the story, he has a flashback to the actual shooting. In the end, he decides to go after the Los Deimos by himself.

In the adaptation, I decided to play out the flashback first and lead to the events of the flash fiction. This helped to build conflict between Wade and Clyde, who the reader can tell have history together. Their conflict with each other helps make the comic adaptation stronger than the flash fiction.

I was able to build upon both their characterizations, since I had more room to write. I didn’t adapt anything out, but the process of adapting a story to a different medium is challenging, but fun at the same time.

Dr. Demus will be drawing and coloring the first issue!

This assignment, and the class overall, helps me become more diverse as a writer. I feel I’ve grown in confidence in writing scripts. I now have several scripts and stories, which I wouldn’t have because I was stuck on personal projects. So, I’m thankful for having the opportunity to grow.

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