My Nerdy Writing Life #5

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I have some awesome news. This past month has been dedicated to producing new content. What is it? I completed my first series of reaction videos for season one of Bleach. I also started recording an analytical series on Guilty Pleasures, the first book of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. In my analytical series I will be breaking down each chapter of a novel and explaining the facts of what makes it successful in terms of the writing elements.

I will be editing those videos soon and make them available to my Patreon supporters first and then YouTube.

I’m going to restart my Overwatch and God of War streams.

The goal for August is to edit and revise Lust (Sleepwalkers, Book 1) and Genesis (Angel Protocol, Book 1),

I’m still outlining Head 2 Head and should have a more interactive game available.

School has been keeping me busy, I’m in Writing for Games. I’m learning how to use mechanics, traps, hazards, and other elements from a writing perspective with not only video games but with board games.

All these changes will, if time persist, in Septemeber.

In other news, I applied to a Games Writer co-op with Hasbro, pray for me, I hope I get it.

Until next time.

Be Terrific!

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