My Nerdy Writing Life: 4

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The weekend went by fast. So, I was dealing with anxiety yesterday. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and didn’t do much in the way of reading or writing yesterday. Today I tried getting back on track but…today was the first day of my new class, Writing for Games.

Okay, so I was lazy today, but I did come up with a new world for one of my assignments that I would like to explore. I also submitted my interactive game story as one of our other assignments.

I think to get better I need to state what my goals are. I’m behind on studying for the English Praxis, and officially two days behind on reading “The Help.”

Goals for tomorrow: 7/7/2020

Reading: 90 Minutes

  • “The Help” pgs 55-126
  • The Praxis, Reading: pg 1-5
  • Tuskegee Heirs: Issue 1

Language Arts: 90 Minutes

  • Japanese Lesson 2
  • Grammar workbook: 2 pages
  • Demon Slayer Episode 1

Writing: 90 Minutes

  • Edit/Revise Caitlyn
  • FoA: Decide on a novel or comic.


  • Character designs: Head 2 Head, Aira
  • Character designs: Favor of Athena, Paige
  • Character design: Angel Protocol, Jasmine




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