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Hope you are all Terrific today!


The Help, pgs 19-50.  My goal today was supposed to read up to page 36. The narrative became interesting so I ended up reading up to 50. This means I’m one day ahead of schedule. I’m going to start “journaling” on Goodreads and posting my review here.

Language Arts

I decided to focus on my Japanese lesson today. I learned the common question words (tango). Doku(where), naze (why), dare (who), itsu (when). I had fun trying to remember and I still haven’t committed them to memory yet, Looking for an anime series to watch, without English subtitles, while I learn.


I’m revising the concepts for the following projects:

  1. Favor of Athena (comic book): working on scene summaries
  2. Head to Head (video game): working on character designs and outline
  3. Angel Protocol (novel): working on the outline
  4. Blood Matters (novel): working on character designs
  5. Oreo (film): working on scene summaries

My goal is to officially start writing on Monday with the holiday weekend coming up, I’m not going to fool myself that I’m going to much writing. Then again, I did more today, than I thought I would.  Right now, I’m trying to get myself into a routine where I’m reading, writing, and learning every day.

What have you worked on during this pandemic? Let me know below!

Be Terrific!



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