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Mastery Journal: Episodic & Serial Writing Reflection

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I created a Web Series and Pilot this past month. I can’t believe that I’m heading into my sixth class at Full Sail University.  I’m halfway through my creative writing journey.  I came up with the idea while in church. I wanted to write an action-comedy series based on a church. Most of us always wished we could write for TV and now I have two written webisodes and a beat sheet for the third.  The following is my experience in creating a web series.

Writing a web series and pilot webisode this month meshes well with my goals as a writer. In building a well-rounded portfolio, having a webisode overview, two scripts, and a beat sheet, helps bring diversity to my portfolio.  This displays that I know and have experience with the specific formatting guidelines of television. This opens up opportunities to work on a writing staff of television shows.

This is different from my other writing experiences. I’m used to writing prose novels and I wrote one comic book script. Coming up with the television bible or overview is similar to how I approach new novels and projects. The difference I’ve seen is the formatting. In television writing, we must have the script broken into and labeled by acts 1, 2, and 3, along with a cold opening/teaser page. You only get a limited number of pages to tell a story, so being concise is key.

I could see myself doing this for a living. I would have to write a few more spec scripts in different genres like romance, horror, etc. In addition, finding an agent will still be beneficial. Networking will also be beneficial in trying to land a staff writing position. Writing every day to get better is paramount in making my portfolio stand out.

The chance to create a new web series was a fun experience. The feedback I received made me feel I could pursue this as another career option as a screenwriter. I learned to create a series bible and the nuances of a television script. This course made me a better writer and my confidence continues to grow.

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