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My Writing Life: Issue 1

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Hey, this will be a series of journal posts to track my writing.

Expository: I wrote an article about how basketball prospects have chosen to go to minor league, G-League instead of playing one year in the NCAA to enter the NBA. This is because they are getting paid in the minor league system. Not related, is the fact that the NCAA has decided to allow players to earn licensing opportunities for their likeness, name, etc.  I think it’s interesting and may come too late as more prospects will look to join the NBA’s G-League.

I have other articles line up and I’m looking to do some interviews if I can. We’ll see what happens.

Persuasive: I finished the third part of my Grandia II video game review on the narrative component. Tomorrow, I should finish the conclusion. The final draft will be published on Sunday.

I have reviews on a book, film, and animation in the works. I’m also looking to add some copywriting in my portfolio.

What video game, film, television show, or animation should I review? Let me know in the comments.

Fictional: I finished the outline for Favor of Ares. I’m adapting the novel back into comic book and animation form. The name of the series will also be changing.

Personal: I worked on the outlines for the four heroic playable characters for Head 2 Head. Head 2 Head is a video game that I’m designing as a writer and character designer.  I also did my daily devotional which I will start publishing here and my workout for the day.

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