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Another Month of Quarantine

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April is almost over and it looks like we have until mid-May or June before the economy reopens. According to several news sources such as Fox News and CNN, President Trump is leaving it up to the governors. Even though President Trump has a federal guideline, most states are going to go by a case by case basis.

I’m in New Jersey, one of the hotbeds for Covid-19. Worse, I’m in Willingboro, one of the rising epicenters. Staying at home has become routine and I stated before April on Facebook you should spend the 30 days improving yourself.

I started a new routine which included daily devotionals, working out, and focusing on my multimedia career. Now, I’m not going to lie to you. I failed to keep the routine and changed the focus of my “classes.”

Overall, I managed to finished the redesigns of the characters for a video game project. I also completed my graduate work for the week. I’m eating healthier these days. My finances are looking better and I’m learning more about investing than I did before.

In May, my goals, because I don’t think Jersey will open up until June, will be to focus on my writing, editing, and illustration skills. I’m going back to my military days with an early 6:30am wakeup. Then I go into my devotional using the Our Daily Bread website and Tony Dungy’s The One Year Uncommon Daily Life Challenge.

During the course of the morning I’m changing my time from 8:45 to 6:45am. That way I’m done at 1:55pm. I want to make sure I invest time for both schoolwork and my writing before I return to my job at Hyatt Place.

During those hours, I’m using a block scheduling setup. Each block is 90 minutes, except for my lunch block which is 49 minutes. There is a five minute break in-between each block, again except for lunch.

I decided to focus on expository, persuasive, fictional, and personal writing. In each block I will focus on working on an additional skillset. For example in one block, I will focus on grammar.

During the five minute breaks I will do a workout I found in Men’s Health. The workout goal is to develop a lean, toned physique. Focusing on one exercise for the chest, back, abs, legs, and arms. The routine calls for three sets of five reps. I chose pushups (chest), back (prone back extensions), basic crunches (abs), ski-hops(legs) and dips (arms). By the end of my work day I will complete around 60 reps. Each exercise is bodyweight and I can do them anytime.

With 90 minutes for each writing block, I will get back into providing content again. The schedule also gives me time to work on my graduate studies.
-Narrative: screenplays, journals, novels
-Expository: technical writing, grammar, how-to articles, sports
-Persuasive: media reviews and copywriting
-Art: drawing, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Staying discipline is the key, which is getting harder for some reason being quarantine. There will be more content my graduate classes come first, however. Stay tuned as I will be updating my YouTube, Patreon, and Fiverr pages.

Be Terrific!

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