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Finished the Fourth Scene of Oreo

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I’m still working on Oreo, my romantic comedy about a man who is trying to find his identity. This scene revolves around the hidden stereotypes that black Americans put on each other. It’s both funny but at the same time the truth. I think what makes the scene works is that both sides have valid points between the main characters friends.

I”m having fun writing this film. I’m borrowing from stories I’ve heard and of course some of my own experiences. This is my first romantic comedy and thus, my first experience writing anything other than fantasy as I become a professional writer.

The best experience about writing this draft is that it is a rough draft. There is a freedom to it, one that I’ve grown to like. I know it’s not polished and the characters are somewhat flat. I’m trying to pace myself not to get too far until all profiles are done, but I don’t want to waste time, especially if I don’t do the profiles.  I could always revise, which is starting to become the best part. I’m learning more and more to be patient and let the writing take control.

The scene feels a little long, but I think it should be. We will see how the rest of the script looks. I feel I could cut it and still have the same impact…which means I should do it, I know.

I decided I will update this Oreo blog every Saturday. I’m going to try and write a scene every day (the goal is three pages per scene).

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