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Hey, I hope you all ore doing terrific today!

One of my resolutions this year was to run in 5k events. I’ve always done well as a runner in high school and the military. However, I only like being competitive and when those days were over, I ran to keep in shape. Over the years, since leaving the Army, I’ve become less active. I run here and there to try to keep in shape, but age and no goal has been my excuse.

My sister started running in 5ks and moved up to marathons last year. Seeing her medals and dedication inspired me to find a new interest. I was thinking of cycling and eventually, I do want to learn how to swim, but running is easily accessible. So, I joined my first 5K which is in April

With a new goal, my motivation and drive are coming back. I have a long way to go. I started training for my 5k on the first Monday in February. I wanted to run every day, but my knees won’t allow it. Stupid knees. I’m averaging three runs a week, starting with running one mile and walking. The second week was suppose to be run 2 miles and walk one mile. Winter didn’t allow that to happen. I finished that week with 2.7 miles. The third week was all three miles for the first two days, both under 30 minutes and one mile run on Wednesday.

This week, the goal is to run 3 miles four times this week. I will be using the elliptical in my house and treadmills at the gym to recover from this chest congestion. I also feel my endurance is under control, so now I’m focusing on muscular strength training.

I’m using a workout that I have not stuck with the call “The Friendly Neighborhood Workout.” I found it in a Men’s Health magazine and it basically covers the full body in getting a lean, toned shape. The workout covers the areas: back, chest, abs, legs, arms.  Each day is dedicated to a specific workout: Pilates, Yoga, Strenght Training, Crossfit, and Plyometrics. You pick an exercise that covers the goal and does three sets of five reps. I only do strength training and the exercises I’m using are pushups(chest), crunches(abs), dips (triceps/shoulders), jumping jacks (legs/cardio), and squats (back/quads).

I’m going to implement that workout before my run/elliptical workout. After completing my elliptical training today with 3.05 miles in 18:33 (which doesn’t translate into running, I know, I know), I went to the Daily Workout app that helps toned my body and got me into shape after my divorce. I focused on the Arms section today since the Spiderman workout will cover the full body daily.

For the workout, I use 25ls dumbells (the max I have at the house) and bodyweight (170.4lbs) the Arms workout goes like this.

  • -Overhead Press: 5 reps (Shoulders, Biceps)
  • Bicep Curls: Biceps
  • Tricep Extensions Left and Right: 5 each side (triceps)
  • Bent over row: 10 reps (back, biceps)
  • Front Raises: 5 reps (shoulders)
  • Dips: 15 reps, bodyweight (Triceps, Shoulders, Chest)
  • Pushups: 15 reps, bodyweight (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps)
  • High Side Planks Right and Left: 10 secs each side (Shoulders, arms, abs)

My arms total are Shoulders (20 reps), Biceps (15 reps), Triceps (15 reps), Chest (30 reps) back (10 reps).

I want bigger shoulders, but working my arms will help with pushing myself when I run, for those of you who are wondering. This is the first entry of my workout journal. Still trying to figure out how I’m going to present it, but I’ll figure it out as I go. Today workout, the arms, was difficult, my body isn’t used to lifting the weights, so I have a lot of work to .do to get back to where I was.


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