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Art of Visual Storytelling: Week One

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inspirational Post: Writers, we can make others feel a certain way. As humans, we need to remember that our actions affect feelings.

January 6 to January 12: This was a fun week. I learned about scripting and wrote my first formatted screenplay scene. We discuss elements such as voice, shots, and introductions.  I scored a 100 on each assignment, bear in mind that each assignment was only a rough draft.

1.Over Black (Sound assignment)


A slow CLAP repeats followed by excited GASPS. Water SPLASHES and loud CLAPPING drowns the slow clap and gasps.  Piano PLAYS upbeat song as FOOTSTEPS on OLD WOOD. Focus on SLOW CLAP, then a heavy SIGH.

2. Flash Fiction (Voice assignment)

3. Radio (Formatted Dialogue)

4. Punctum & Stadium (Shots)

  1. The SHOT element is no longer used in “spec scripts” (the only kinds of scripts we’re learning how to write.) Do not put specific SHOTs into your screenplays.
  2. stadium (the general idea of a picture
  3. punctum (which is a single element that punctures the frame and draws the eye. It’s often said the punctum is what turns a snapshot into a photograph.)
  4. Not every photograph has a punctum. Sometimes it appears by accident, sometimes by design, but if one turns up in your own album, it’ll be more special to you than the others.

5. Persona (Character Description)

6. Character (Script Introductions)

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