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Platform Building, Day 8: Join Linkedin

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The following are some tips for writers when joining Linkedin.

  • Use your own headshot and make sure it looks professional.
  • Complete your profile. Mine was completed, but I had to update it for my graduate classes.
  • Give thoughtful recommendations to receive them. Networking isn’t just about you, you have to be meaningful when you reach out.
  • Search for Connection You Already Have. For instance, I know a director at Nickelodeon, which has led me to find new connections.
  • Make Your Profile Easy to Find. You can do this by keeping the name you are using for your brand.
  • Tailor Your Profile To Your Visitor: Think about what you want your target audience to see. Again, for class, I had to update my profile to display that I will be a screenwriter/creative writer. I’m freelancing on Fiverr.com.


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