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Platform Building, Day 3: Join Facebook

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  1. Created a Facebook Page for networking/fans, instead of my personal page.  Bought the domain terrioajenkins.com,, since terriojenkins.com is taken. This is so that my byline is consistent across social media, blog, and books. Which means changing books to include my middle initial. Copied and pasted “Define yourself” and “Set Your Goals” to About Me section of page.
  2. Page is public
  3. Remember to keep professional page professional. Don’t post private life posts.
  4. Included a profile pic
  5. Updates will be daily, due to blog sharing. At the very least, on Fridays and Sundays.
  6. Network with friends who will be supportive and other businesses.
  7. Be selective about friends
  8. Be careful about adding apps. I added Instagram to mine.
  9. Join groups that are relevant.
  10. Follow relevant fan pages. I liked Animation Magazine, Nickelodeon since my focus as a screenwriter will mainly be animation writing.

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