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Platform Building, Day 2: Set Your Goals

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  • Promote rough draft editions Lust, Binary, and Genesis; second draft edition of Lust (February)
  • Write/Illustrate Bible Stories for Children Series (January)
  • Animate/Produce Secular Stories skits (February)
  • Complete my M.F.A degree in Creative Writing (November)
  • Find an agent for my novels and screenplays (December 2020)
  • Finish 4th Draft of Lust
  • Finalized Character Designs for each series (March)


  • Buy homes to turn into rental properties
  • Get married and raise children who will be the future of technology and entertainment
  • Be better mentally, physically, spiritually than I am now
  • Win Academy Award for Best Screenplay, Adapted Screenplay, or Animated Feature (or Emmy for animated series)

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