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If you have followed my blog, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, then you know about my book series, Favor of Ares. Well, this past year I finished the third draft, which is going to be published on Wattpad for free, weekly. I believe the fourth draft will be the final draft. If I’m happy with it and my reading board agrees, then I will start selling the first book, Lust.

Part of my marketing plan for Favor of Ares, Binary, Blood Matters, and Angel Protocol will be selling the drafts. This is part of the behind the scenes features, similar to how most DVDs contain.

Here is a list of what I will be selling in January

  1. Lust (Favor of Ares, Book 1): Rough Draft Edition
  2. Lust (Favor of Ares, Book 1): Second Draft Edition
  3. Lust(Favor of Ares, Book 1): Third Draft Edition
  4. Gluttony (Favor of Ares, Book 2): Rough Draft Edition
  5. Genesis(Angel Protocol, Book 1): Rough Draft Edition
  6. Binary (Clockwork Knights, Book 1): Rough Draft Edition

I feel with four completed novels, I have a rather diverse collection of work, so I will begin to start looking into getting an agent that will represent me for novels and film/television/animation. Yes, you read that right. I’m currently in a Master of Fine Art in Creative Writing at Full Sail University to become a screenwriter. The bug hit me after reading Save the Cat by Blake Synder.

By the end of this year, I will have spec scripts for my novels in different entertainment media genres and distribution methods.

  1. Episodic and Serial Writing (television, comic books, web series)
  2. Writing for Film and Animation (live-action, primetime animation, cartoons)
  3. Writing for Games (video games, board games, comic books, graphic novels)
  4. Multimedia Adaptation (comic books, novels, web series)

Part of my journey this year will be networking and putting my writing out there more. I don’t see another new novel happening for 2020, due to my current career and school duties. Then, there is life too. The focus is on selling scripts and merchandise.

I’m considering starting a weekly comic strip and a cartoon for anyone who supports my WordPress subscription or Patreon platforms monthly for $10 or more. The goal is to have at least 100 followers to subscribe to that specific amount. This goal would allow me to pursue writing full-time. I’m still working on other awards for supporters.

Possible Future Plans

  1. Children’s Bible Story Series
  2. Children Novel Series, Raindancer
  3. Novel Series, Sword Dancer





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