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Mastery Journal: Week 3

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Mastery: Personal Development & Leadership Week 3

This week, my classmates and I are working on building our own personal learning networks (PLN). A list of resources and inspiration to help stay current and network in our fields.

My field, creative writing, covers several media types. Episodic & Serial Writing which is television and comic book writing, Writing for Film & Animation and Writing for Games. My goal is to break into animation writing, but I will continue to work on novels and comic book writing. My dream is to be part of a film writing team.

Week 3 Inspirational Quote

I love this quote because I decided to go after my dreams and be a comic book writer, even if it means being independent. After years of learning on my own, it’s nice to have a structured, challenging framework that Full Sail University is providing.

This week we had to update or create Linkedin profiles. I updated mine to reflect pursuing my masters and the career focus in my headline. This is part of crafting the appropriate persona. It is not generally acknowledged or discussed, but the personality we project to the world plays a substantial role in our success and in our ascension to mastery (Greene, 2012).

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Updated LinkedIn Profile

Most of my knowledge is in the comic book industry, but in recent years I have not been keeping up with the trends. I have some knowledge of animation because I used to be a computer animation student at Rutgers University. Again, I don’t keep up with either field, unless it pertains to a project I like. Failure to present yourself in a clear manner will result in failure. Understand: your work is the single greatest means at your disposal for expressing your social intelligence (Green 2012). I will be updating my profile with each class to reflect on the new topics and strategies that I will be mastering.

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 11.36.46 AM
Feedly Profile

Feedly will help me keep up to date with trends and help me develop as a professional creative writer.  The importance of staying current is crucial so that one does not become stagnant.  In addition, most of these resources will serve as inspiration. As you can see, most of the resources I picked are in the comic book and video game industries. I stated in a previous article that another personal goal of mine is to adapt my stories and scripts into as many different types of media as possible. For now, comic book writing (episodic & serial writing) is where my interest and passion are, thus the comic book resources. I follow Marvel and DC Comics on my Twitter. 


Greene, R. (2013). Mastery. New York: Penguin Books.



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