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Lust Chapter 27 Completed

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Posted By Terrio

I wrote chapter 27 earlier today. One chapter short of my goal.  Chapter 27 went pass my minimum word count of 1,250 words for a 50,000 word novel.

This chapter is narrated by Amber Clearwater. The scene is set in a church in Bordentown. The intent of the chapter is to see how Amber, Gabby, and Leon are all reacting to the events in Chapter 25. Eventually they will decide on what to do next.

This is one of four scenes that compose the “Dark Night of the Soul” from the  Save the Cat methodology.

Writing the chapter was pretty fast once I started. Amber’s chapters (formerly known as Shantel) are averaging around 1500 words. Trying to keep her personality and motivations consistent is more challenging than the other characters.

I feel I accomplished the goals of the intent and that the characters all feel genuine. I didn’t focus too much on powers with this chapter as it is a reflection. I also have the challenge of making the reflection sound different than Chapter 26.

Overall, I’m happy and can see the finishing line.  You can check out Leon’s redesign concept and lore here. For Gabriella redesign concept and lore click here. Amber redesign concept and lore will be coming soon.

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