30 Day Walking Challenge: Day 1

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Well its the first day of the month which means new fitness goals. To make it fun I decided to find workout challenges. I may stick to P90X since I now have a decent workout area, but for this month I will be doing a 30 day walking challenge. My goal is to increase my cardio and leg muscles for a 5k race either later this year or next year.

During the summer I ran a couple 5k routes for practice and made it under 30 minutes. Pretty good considering that I’m out of shape. With winter coming and not being able to afford a gym membership, I wont’ be able to run outside. One, I hate running in the cold so training in the cold is out of the question.  I also don’t own a treadmill, but my family does have an elliptical.

From the research I conducted it seems that working on the elliptical is a better workout than walking, but not as efficient as running. Which works for me.  I’m going to be adapting the 30 day walking challenge by using my elliptical.

Today the goal was to walk for 20 minutes. My cardio was hurting after two minutes. Plus add the fact that it was hot. The only reason I got through it, other than being dedicated, was watching anime.

I didn’t place any resistance programs on the elliptical. For zero day I just wanted to accomplish that goal.

With 30 days left, I will be repeating the workout, plus tackling a Mens Health magazine workout centered around Spider-man. The goal of this workout is to gain a lean, toned physique. The workout consist of three sets of five reps, so 15 reps. The muscles the workout focuses on are the back, chest, arms, core, and legs. Although the workout is daily, each day the program is suppose to be different. Workout 1 (Monday) is plyometrics, Workout 2 is strength training, 3 is yoga, 4 is crossfit, and 5 is pilates.

With my Daily Workout app, which I saw immediate results when I was doing it seriously during my divorce, I can do pilates and yoga. However, I’m just sticking to back extensions, pushups, dips, crunches, and jumping jacks.

If I do decide to do P90X again I will be sticking to the normal routines. It will be my third official time doing so. The furthest I made it was phase two. I did see results power wise when I was doing it, but not with my physique. I don’t diet well, so that is most likely the reason why. The workouts are too long, but I did spend money on it, so I have Tony Horton in my head telling me to do so. With my new setup in my workspace, I guess I could put it on one of my monitors and watch tv on the other monitor. I would have to cut off the music from the P90X. Choices!

Hmmm. I think I talked myself into doing P90X.

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