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Lust #3: Chapter 19 Completed

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I just finished revising chapter 19 which is now from Ares point of view. This chapter went by fast and just like with Chapter 18, I manage to show motivation and fear, before the complication.

For you who follow Save the Cat, this chapter is still part of the “Fun and Games” and closes it. The protagonists have an uphill path and succeeding in their new world.   Starting with this chapter there has been some major changes (which I started with chapter 18, but hey at least I’m telling you now.)

-Names have been changed and going forward the initials of their first name matches their sin and the initial of their last name matches their virtue as well as denote their ethnicity.

For instance: Aakash Desai is now Patrick Hina. Pride=Patrick, Humility=Hina, he’s Indan which is where Hina comes from.

-Setting: psychics can physically travel to the astral plane, where they can use their power or they can travel astrally. This also restricts ghosts to only using their powers to affect the human world.

-Plot: focusing more of their powers and the curses that comes with them

I will be posting this chapters daily on my Wattpad starting with Chapter 5.

I also passed the minimum word count of 1250 easily.




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