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Patrick Hina

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Favor of Ares Lore: Patrick Hina is the one that his group of friends look up too. Confident, resourceful, and clever, he decides to help the ghost of their dead friend and the others follow. He can be arrogant and over-controlling at times which can annoy others. He seeks to be perfect and to that end continues to learn and increase his knowledge because knowledge is power and power is control. But at what price does one let PRIDE control them? With his psychic ability to jump extraordinary distances Patrick will leap into action for his friends, family, and others. For after all…he’s the one they count on. Follow Patrick in the upcoming novel and comic Favor of Ares.

lNew concept art of Patrick “Pat” Hina (formerly “Aakash Desai”). Redesigning the series in a new direction. Changed the name so that readers will have an easier time remembering the name. Patrick has the same initial as his sin, Pride.

New elements added: From Doc (Snow White) glasses to help identify him as one of the intelligent characters. Hairstyle is undercut from Neptune (RWBY). Portly shape from Mario (Nintendo) and Hunk (Voltron).


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