Graphic Design Journal: 08/30/19

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I’m no longer putting issue numbering for the titles. I’m just going to be using dates.

Today, I worked on my own logo. I focused on cleaning up my layers and refining the design of the pencil shape.

To start off I thought of making a gradient mesh of a pencil, which came out really cool, but trying to manipulate the colors was becoming messy. Therefore, I decided to draw the overall shape of the pencil within the “T” on its own layer which I named body. On separate layers I drew the eraser, metal, and wood layers on top of the body. I made another layer, stripes, which are just two rectangle shapes to give the body layer a black stripe pattern. I wanted the logo shapes to be simple since the concept itself is already complex. Once I was happy with that I went to work on the J.

With the J I created a hexagon shape and sized it to my reference honeycomb picture. I then duplicated that shape to fit over the letter J. At first it was too thin, so I added more hexagons to make it thicker. I thicken the lines to a stroke of 2 so that the coloring will be more bold once I get to that point. I selected the honeycomb j and resize the frame to fit the original J frame in my layout layer.

At this point I had pointless layers. I hid the layers that I didn’t need and made sure the visible layers all had names. I deleted the unnamed layers to make designing easier from this point on and to make my file smaller.

I’m keeping my “rough” layer which has the original hand drawing on and the layout layer which has the breakdown of placement of letters using boxes on top of the rough layer. I just like to see how the sketch is transforming.

Finally I typed out my slogan, be terrific, on the bottom. I converted the slogan to shapes and resized it to match the length of the overall logo.terriojenkinslolgo2_digital roughterriojenkinslolgo2_Refining 1

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