Design Journal 2: 8/28/19

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Hope you are all feeling terrific today.

Today I recorded three tutorial videos on creating an identity package in Adobe Illustrator. I have to edit the beginning and ending of all three videos. The three videos focus on the first stage of four and is on “working with gradient meshes.”

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 12.33.21 AMIn the first lesson I go into how to setup your workspace for making an identity package.The second lesson is on drawing the shape from an image. The third lesson is on creating a gradient mesh. The lessons are about 28 minutes long. I’ll post them to myYoutube in the next two days. The fictious company I’m using to help with the lesson name is Apple Organics.

I also started the actual design of my logo. I decided to use simple shapes for the pencil and instead of making it a bee I thought giving the pencil the traits of a bee would be more appealing. I went with small honeycombs for the J. I’m going to work on the fine details tomorrow. The pencil makes a stronger, unified statement for my interest as drawing art, designing compositions, and writing all start with me using a pencil.

I wasn’t feeling it all too much until I added more honeycombs to give the J more thickness.terriojenkinslolgo2_digital rough

I finished a logo for another client today and she is happy with it. So now I’m designing her YouTube banner.


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