Writing Journal #1: 8/26/19

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I didn’t get much done today. I did manage to write chapter 2 of Genesis (Angel Protocols 1). This is still a rough draft, but I wrote the new chapter one, two, and soon three from the first chapter 1, which I wrote years ago.

I’m using Misery by Stephen King as my mentor text. For those of us who follow the Save the Cat methodology this means my story is a “Dude with a Problem.” I have my general outline, but tomorrow I will be focusing on each character, the 15 beats, and the 40 scenes before I start writing chapter 4.

I already like the revisions. I’m using limited third person point of view. This allows me to narrate from each character’s point of view. In addition I’m using the five man band trope and the Meyer Brigss typing. I was using 45 master characters and will use that as a general reference, but I have a book on MBTI to help me with personalities.


In the original first chapter I had the group celebrating a birthday, finding a victim of an attack, and getting into a fight with the attackers. After that I was lost. I knew who I wanted my villian to be. I also knew I wanted the story to be similar to The Bourne Identity (which is more of a superhero STC genre to me.).

Thanks to Save the Cat, I remember my initial concept of the first story was the team escaping from a facility. This was way befoe I thought about using the Bourne Identity.  With the orignanl plot in mind I decided that Misery was a better mentor text for me.

As a Dude with a Problem genre I will focus on three elements.

-The Innocent hero: In this case it’s the group of friends who are part of a bible study group named True Vicotry. They are general college students who are on diffeernt walks of christian life. They have no idea why they were attack.

-Sudden Event: They are attacked by men in hoods after witnessing them beat down a woman. No one else seems to notice the assailants.

-Life or Death Battle: The story is about how they escape a facility before they are killed as part of research.

I broke up chapter one into three chapters, but each chapter begins from the point of view of one character as they wake up in restraints inside of a facility. I felt this setup brings more drama and suspense as we uncover what happen when they were kidnapped. Eventually this will lead to the catalyst of the main story.

CHARACTERS: inspired, but not based on individuals I know, MBTI, and the Five man band trope.

Role: Name. Type. Weapon.

-The Leader: Jasmine. Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judging. A pair of sais. She is the planner and motivator of the group. Workaholic. Stubborn/prideful. Gap, Long hair, pear shaped body.  Passionate about duty. Formerly an angel known as the frog goddess of fertility Heqet.

-The Lancer: Darryl. Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging. A katana. He is the skeptical member and aloof member of the group. Determine. Quick tempered/wrathful. Afro, muscular build, pianist. Passionate about protecting close ones. Formerly an angel known as the god of the moon Khonshu.

-The Big Guy: Glynn Taylor. Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving. An Axe. He is the most athletic and observant member of the group. Competitive. Envious/deprecating. Bald, eyes, slim build. Passionate about helping others. Formerly an angel know as the god of the dead Anubis.

-The Smart Guy: Kadeem Wade. Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging. A Spear. He is the most studios and calmest of the group. Cunning. Shy/Gluttony. Portly build, mustache, crew cut. Passionate about changing lives. Formerly an angel known as Thoth who was worship as an Egyptian god of knowledge.

-The Chick: Cree Brooks. Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving. A Bow. She is the most emotional and pragmatic member of the group. Reserved. manipulative/Dependent. Chin length hair, mole on cheek, hourglass body. Passionate about being free. Formerly an angel known as Sekhmet who was worshiped in Egypt as the goddess of healing.

jasmine 2

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