Graphic Design Journal 1: 08/26/19

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Today was lost due to oil change and just being tired. Today I did start work on my own logo.  For the last three days I decided I needed a logo that communicated several ideas, but still remained simple.

I want my logo to help me promote being an author, graphic designer, and illustrator. My slogan “Be Terrific” is a play on my name “Terrio” and I write “Fics” short form of fiction. I thought it would be could to have a bee as my mascot and replace the stinger with a pencil. The pencil symbolize the tool I use for all three of my interests. Logo_TerrioJenkins Roughs

Going into my research of name and initial logo types I was drawn to Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger logos. I also found two logos which use my initials TJ. For the bee I went with the Charlotte Hornets logo which to me is very dynamic and could represent the “T”. I also found another bee logo. I pulled a reference of insect like lettering.

I tried making a Hilfiger like design the other day, but wasn’t’ really happy with it. So, today I focused on simplicity.terriojenkins Log_failureo

The first sketch, inspired by Calvin Klein, is a T with a bee and a pencil stinger. The J was going to be another bee and a honeycomb was going to separate the two. During the sketch though I though it would be a neat contrast to have the “J” be honeycombs, giving the letter several hexagon shapes. I placed my slogan near the bottom and decided my name doesn’t have to appear in the logo. Again focusing on simplicity.

The second sketch was a hexagon (honeycomb). Within it a Stylized T and J. My first name on top of the honeycomb. My last name on the bottom. I also made the T and insect.  This was another design that I liked and it felt more more simplistic, but not as visually engaging as the first one.

The third sketch was of a fat pencil in which and borrowed from the Hilfiger logo, but with the pencil taking traits of a bee. I didn’t feel the concept of the bee comes as clear with this logo, but I did like how my name is included and the initials. The overall design of the elements feel and look clear to me. I’m just worried about the bee being lost.

I felt like the first sketch was the strongest visually. I could always use my name where the slogan is or use the slogan.terriojenkinslolgo2

I copied the sketch into illustrator  for my digital rough. I chose Bodin-72 as my font for the T and Courier for the J. Courier “J” had a longer tail than the fonts I have available to me. I turned the two letters into shapes and made the T larger than the J. I also created an even square to contain the two letter shapes.

Next I brought in my reference photos. I will not being using all of the Hornets logo, for legal reasons. Once I fitted the honeycomb and hornet reference photos on their own layers, I created copies. In those copied layers I added copies of the letter shapes. I wanted to see if I could use multiple honeycombs for the J to keep them even. The copied layers were used to create mask which you can see here.

I then drew my shapes on top and that’s where I stopped. Overall I like the design still. I also got two good opinions about it. Tomorrow I will work shaping the insect and deciding on bold, big honeycombs or more detailed equal honeycombs.


I would love to hear your opinions about the honeycombs. Big or small?

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