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I spent 5 and half hours on writing, 2 hours on art and only 3 hours on research. Revised the prologue and 1st chapter of Genesis. Trying to get a head start before September. I also revised chapter 16 of Lust to fit better with the story and wrote chapter 17 whic is setting up a battle in 18. Writing everyday is making things flow better as well as doing the research and planning.

Here’s the plan for the novels: 22 chapters (about 25,000 words) left to complete Lust (3rd draft). Expected date to complete is September 16. Genesis (1st draft) expected completion date is October 3.


Character designs for Angel Protocols (AP), Favor of Ares (FoA), and The Pack family are going well. Each time I start over I get to focus more on the details that I think will make the character more appealing. I’m leaning towards doing my own comic series for both.

I didn’t get the chance to practice drawing today, other than character designing, so tomorrow will be the start of that.

Graphic Design:

I got paid from my first client yesterday for designing a logo for their company!!!!!! Which has now inspire me to work on my portfolio to grab more clients. I will be launching a new YouTube series “Terrio Trains” which will focus on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign as a way to build my portfolio, but to become more proficient with the software.



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